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A Review On: Asus GeForce 210 EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP) Video Card

Asus GeForce 210 EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP) Video Card

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Pros: cheao, fanless, simple upgrade for stock computers, duel monitor outputs, and hdmi

Cons: troubling software, no overclocking control, doesnt like video games

awesome for watching tv and what not, but no matter what i did, this card would hate any and all video games, have to run everything on low settings even though it says you should be able to be around the high settings for graphics on this thing. what do you expect for $30, not to mention constant driver crashing, and i mean constant, did the newest firmware installs, and even took it back to the previous ones, still crashing on a constant basis.

final review, skip this thing, its a good idea, and cheap price, but not worth the headache


Around high which review says that.
Maybe high if you are playing cod4 but no these cards at htpc purposes only not even a slight of gaming could be done with those.
First of all LP cards mostly use a cheap 1/20 core of the real deal they're always behind at least a generation and get re-branded often.

the asus card it self said high graphics for the game, ha, i should of known better, however its great for tv that i love, cristal clear picture too
I have a 210 also, works great for my HTPC
lol this won't ever run anything at high settings... unless ur playing at 800x600 and even then...
Uh... this card is what, mid range from 4 gens ago?
It's a shame that the packaging lied to you like that, but you can't game even remotely seriously on a fanless video card, or a card anywhere near $30.