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Pros: Processor support, features, BIOS features, overclocking

Cons: SATA port location, NB heatsink, see review!

The ASUS M4A78T-E was one of the first AM3 only boards out by ASUS in 2009. It has an excellent power phasing system, capable of running X6 chips no problem (including overclocking), loads of features and excellent BIOS options. It does lack a few things but none that overcome it's other features.

SATA support is excellent. RAID options are simple, easy to setup and function very well. RAM support is extensive. Several kits have worked flawlessly. CPU support is excellent as well, including all AM3 processors (up to the Phenom II X6 1100T). It does not support AM3+ (Bulldozer) processors.

I have had only one minor issue, worth taking half a flame from. The NB heatsink uses pressure pins making it susceptible to easily be moved which results in reduced performance. The top PCI Express slot is very near this sink which means using the release lever on the end of the slot to remove a video card means it's easy to jar the heatsink.

The VRM cooling is quite sufficient and with good airflow means you can take most processors pretty high. I've had several processors from Sempron's to X6's installed all of which overclocked admirably.

Overclocking in the BIOS is straight-forward with excellent voltage output. The lack of LLC means you'll have higher default voltage as vdroop is unavoidable. What's really nice is the BIOS reset function if the BIOS fails on certain clocks. One or two resets from the reset button on your case will enable the recall function and return it to stock with saved previous settings (allowing you to boot). Very rarely have I had to actually physically reset the CMOS jumper for clearing.

The audio isn't fantastic but does feature eight channel surround. It's capable and can power most headphones fine but does lack decent audio quality. A sound card is recommended. The onboard video will suffice for most users unless you're gaming. It can handle some simple games but will have trouble even with Source (Valve's current graphics engine) games. The onboard can fully support two 1920x1080 monitors adequately.

Overall this is a great board, with a lot of features for a mid range board. It clocks well (FSB isn't lacking, no real holes that I've found) and is easy to stabilize. It's a real workhorse! thumb.gif

An excellent workhorse AM3 motherboard featuring: ASUS M4A78T-E Socket AM3 (Supports AM3 Sempron, Athlon II, and Phenom II CPU) 4xDDR3 DIMM Slots (16GB Max, 1066, 1333, 1600Mhz+) AMD 790GX Chipset AMD 750 Southbridge 2x PCI-Express Slots (1x16 or 2x8) 2x PCI-Express 1x Slots 2x PCI Slots 1xPATA 5xSATA II (3GB/s) 8 Channel Onboard Audio (VIA) Radeon HD3300 Onboard Graphics Atheros NIC 8+1 Power Phase Rear Panel: 1xPS/2, D-Sub & DVI, 1xHDMI, 6xUSB 2.0, 1xFirewires/1394, 1xOptical (Toslink), 6x3.5mm Audio

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