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Pros: Ports galore, good components, easy overclock for Me being a lazy overclocker , Improved onboard sound

Cons: Ai suite in .Net , I really wish drivers fit on a floppy still :-) Really Toolbars on a drivers disk ;-( I still want to PS2s (mr. old school)

I have had many Asus motherboards, I understand them, they understand me, we get along well together.
I had it fired up and overclocked on a temporary bench a few hours after i got all the components.

I dont feel abandoned after the sale, the ROG forum has some active participation from the company, i like that.

I Am running RAID0 on the intel ICH , I understand it, it understands me, we get along well together :-)

I only ever intended to run 1 video card of really good speed with only 1 GPU in it, so i would not have any complexities, so this fits well into doing that.

I will be adding in one more raid card, so there is the right amount of stuff for doing that also.

Lots of Sata connects was important to me, the USB3.0 is working great it was also important, and the OC was so easy I am embarassed to be on overclock.net making believe i am an overclocker :-)


Pros: Vast array of features, great overclocking capabilities, easy bios, high quality components, looks great, cheap price

Cons: only two way sli, no included wifi

Pros -

Where to begin...

okay, first off the price of this board compared to some other z87 boards is just down right great and competitive for the features you get.

All high quality components, as all the maximus boards from asus are manufactured with.

Great overclock capabilities, i have my 4770k at 4.8 ghz with 1.25 volts, have pushed 5.2ghz with 1.31 volts, but the 4770k runs pretty hot so i bumped it back down until i delid.

The bios are very easy to use, no more confusion and forum posts of "how do i overclock with X board" this board pretty much spoon feeds you every detail you need on how to achieve great overclocks.

Great onboard audio, but of course a dedicated sound card will always be better. But for those who dont want to spend 150 on a good sound card, this is almost just as good!

This board is aimed at entry level overclockers/average to enthusiast level overclockers and gamers. If you really feel you need a board with all the liquid nitrogen/insane cooling pushing world record features, go for the extreme board, this board has the features an average person would use. Someone who enjoys overclocking without feeling the need to do sub zero temperatures will love this board. Or if you just want to do a light overclock and get to your games as soon as you can without wondering what all these features you paid extra for are, ignore that extreme board and grab this hero! This board has more than enough features for the average person.

It runs pretty cool even with my overclock which can be seen as a little above average for haswell, with the volts its on at least. But if stock air cooling isnt your thing, then EK waterblocks for this baby are right around the corner, spoke with them earlier and they have full coverage waterblocks for this coming very very soon, so if you love watercooling like me, expect that release to please you as all EK gear does for me.

Two way sli, three way crossfire, more than enough pci-e slots for the average to higher end users. I have two evga hydro copper titans on mine currently, i do wish it would support three to four way sli, but you would be paying more for that and this board is not aimed at a higher price so i understand why they left it off. If you want 3 or 4 way sli, go the socket 2011 route anyways so you arent limited by pci-e bandwidth.

This board looks great, the "red line" separator for the supremefx audio looks great in my newest haswell build, so if you are a person who likes matching components, or like red and black themes, this wont stick out like a sore thumb, asus did a great job on aesthetics on this board i think. it fits with the RoG theme very nicely.

I could go on for days about how good this board is and why you should buy it, but ill let you decide if it was worth the low price asus is offering for the insanely good board you get smile.gif

cons -

There are not many cons i have with this board, and the ones i do have are very very veryyyyyyyyyy minor.

Con number one, and this is not specific to just asus or this board - i wish more motherboard manufacturers would give you a sideways 24 pin connector, it makes installing the 24pin motherboard cable a lot easier.

I wish this supported three way sli aswell as threeway crossfire, i have 4 titans in my house right now but can only use two at a time if im running them in this rig. Good thing im getting the 4930k as soon as it releases so i can unleash the quad titan power tongue.gif

no included wifi card like the formula or extreme board, but they arent expensive, so no need to pay $120 more for a formula or $200 more for an extreme just to get one.

Really the only complaint i have of this board that is of any value is an issue with the bios i found. Asus put in a "CPU level up" option in the bios. Basically it is a one click overclock tool. Click which profile you want and the board will automatically overclock your cpu to the specified profile setting. Even though i have a monster of an overclocking 4770k, i decided to try their set profiles just because i like checking out all bios options.

I chose to cpu level up to 4.4ghz to see how it compared to my settings i used at 4.4ghz.

My settings for 4.4ghz was a voltage of 1.25

the asus profile set the voltage of 4.4ghz at 1.29 which is an insane difference, temperatures almost hit 99c which is the point in which the 4770k starts to throttle.

so asus needs to do some work on that part of the bios.

that said, dont use cpu level up anyways, always self overclock your processor, its easier than you think, the satisfaction of finding your maximum stable overclock is also thrilling as well.

General -

If you are stuck on which z87 1150 board to get, i have to say i highly highly highly recommend this board in its price range.

This board has a ton of great features for the people its targeted at, average gamers, high end gamers, new overclockers, average overclockers veteran overclockers.

This board is not targeted at the extreme overclockers, which is why it does not feature some of the extreme overclocking parts such as the maximus extreme. If you want to do liquid nitrogen, i suggest the extreme board.

I have a Maximus vi hero, gigabyte z87- OC and Msi GD65 gaming motherboard for socket 1150, and out of those three in this price range, the hero wins hands down every time in every situation for me personally.

If you see anything wrong with my review/opinions please let me know, always glad to talk about this board.

Make sure to check out the asus maxmimus VI hero's club, it has a ton of useful information in it. http://www.overclock.net/t/1413905/official-asus-maximus-vi-hero-owners-and-overclocking-club

ASUS ROG Intel Z87 Motherboard; ATX, Socket LGA 1150

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureLGA1150 socket for 4th Generation Intel Core™ i7/ i5/ i3/ Pentium / Celeron Processors Intel Z87 Express Chipset SupremeFX- Supremacy through discrete-caliber audio Sonic Radar- Scan and detect to dominate Extreme Engine Digi+ III- Hardcore power
TitleASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement0886227500697 MAXIMUS VI HERO
Item Height12 inches
Item Length2.99 inches
Item Width9.6 inches
Package Height3 inches
Package Length13.7 inches
Package Weight3.3 pounds
Package Width11.2 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement886227500697
Item Weight5.3 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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