A Review On: ASUS PB Series PB278Q 27"" 5ms (GTG) WQHD Widescreen LED Monitor Built-in Speakers

ASUS PB Series PB278Q 27"" 5ms (GTG) WQHD Widescreen LED Monitor Built-in Speakers

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Pros: Perfect image quality out of box! Simple controls layout. No crazy and obnoxious glare/reflection. Can I say perfect image quality again?! :)

Cons: Heavy, (although may be considered a pro to others) Tilt function works, but can be a bit ackward.

Wow, I'm quite surprised that I am the first one to review this monitor. I probably won't be able to get all technical with this review, but I would like to write out what makes this a great monitor and great purchase to those looking to go 2560x1440P. Shall we begin?! thumb.gif

First off, as noted in my "Pros" tab, the image quality when I first turned this on, was just astounding! I didn't have to do any kind of calibration tests to get a better image. I'm sure many perfectionists out there will still want to calibrate it though. The monitor is very sturdy. No wobbling of the monitor and stand whatsoever. Thank the monitor's stand for this. It is quite heavy! I believe this is where all the hardware resides, don't quote me on this though.The monitor function keys are located towards the bottom right side, leaving the screens bezel with a nice flat matte black look. +1 on the bezel design ASUS! Functioning through the monitor's configuration is also quite simple. With the labeled keys, you should have no trouble.

The monitors stand is also quite nice. With the stand ASUS provides, this allows the monitor to be raised, lowered, tilted forward and back, and of course, converted into portrait mode. Note: turning the monitor into portrait mode can be a bit awkward, because when tilting it, the monitor has to be set at a slight angle to not harm the monitor's stand. No big deal really. Having the monitor pushed up to it's peak allows a great movie and gaming viewing experience for everyone around you. thumb.gif

For the price, this monitor is expensive, but how often do you replace your computers monitor?rolleyes.gif And hell! You can't go wrong with 2560x1440! Unless your going 2560x1660, haha. tongue.gif If you want a perfect picture quality and great build quality straight out of the box, get this monitor!

Additional Note: People complain of the PWM issue and the flickering and eye strain it causes. My lighting is at 75%, and I see no flickering whatsoever.

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Yeah I have that monitor too. And I was also surprised at how heavy it was. I had the Dell U2713 before the Asus and it was 50% lighter. My only Con is the OSM buttons. They are really flimsy and feel very cheap. The Dell was much better in that dept. I also do not notice any flicker at all.....