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A Review On: ASUS PB Series PB278Q 27"" 5ms (GTG) WQHD Widescreen LED Monitor Built-in Speakers

ASUS PB Series PB278Q 27"" 5ms (GTG) WQHD Widescreen LED Monitor Built-in Speakers

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Pros: High Resolution (2560x1440), Fast GTG (5ms), large screen (27"), nice design

Cons: Screen rotation is like a mini lazy susan. A bit heavy. Slightly flimsy OSD buttons, 60Hz refresh rate

I want to start this review by stating that i have around average or slightly above average knowledge of monitor specifications and features.
This is mainly a consumer review of how well the monitor fairs in day to day use and with the use of gaming and game development.

First when i unpacked the monitor i found that it was heavy. Although this may bother some, it did not bother me so much as i don't intend on moving around. It was easy to put together, all i had to do was attach the base plate to the stand with the use of a singular wing nut.
One thing i should mention is that the screen came with EVERY cable you could possibly connect to it. HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA as well as a power cable for seemingly every singe type of power outlet in the world! I'm not sure why they give you this many power cables, but i definitely am not complaining about not having to fork out more money for HDMI and DisplayPort cables.

The design of the monitor is very minimal. A matte black colour scheme with a slightly grainy texture doesn't ooze elegance, but it looks great all the same.
The monitor is the depth that you would expect a 27" 1440p monitor to be (A bit on the thicker side), but including the stand its got a surprisingly small footprint.

The monitor can swivel on a lazy susan-esque attachment to the bottom of the base. This works well but means that the whole base moves when swiveling, so clear some space if you do. The vertical movement of the screen is easy and holds well from the single support connecting to the base. The monitor can be tilted -5 and +20 degrees and can also rotate 90 degrees for a portrait setup. To rotate it 90 degrees you need to raise it to maximum height then tilt the screen facing up and then spin the monitor to avoid it from hitting your desktop. This can feel a little bit awkward at times, however, i have no real need to use it in portrait, so i wont be switching it regularly.

The OSD allows for calibration of the effects on screen. It comes with its preset Cinema, Gaming, Theater modes but you wont want to stray too far from normal mode as its calibrated pretty well. The OSD buttons feel a little clumsy at times but once you set the monitor to your preferred settings you generally don't need to play with it more.

Now onto the picture quality. It is great to finally have a 2560x1440 resolution. Everything displayed is crisp and clear with incredibly vibrant colours and tones (determined by the content of course). If you have used a 27" 1080p monitor before you will notice everything being a little bit smaller on the 1440p reolution, however, this is ultimately for the better. Switching back to a 27" 1080p monitor really exposes how clumsy and outdated that resolution really is, especially considering most new smartphones come with 720p or 1080p screens now.

Gaming at 1440p is fantastic with such clarity to even far away objects will have you slow panning around everywhere, provided your video card can handle it. I also use the Unity Engine to create games. This is where the resolution shines the most. You have so much space on the screen to fit anything you want. Game engines are notoriously cluttered by default, but even without minimizing or moving anything there is still a lot of screen real estate to work with.

My biggest fear when purchasing this monitor was the 5ms GTG (Gray to Gray) response time. Although a lot of gaming monitors come with 1-3ms GTG response times i can see no visible difference between 2ms and 5ms. I'm not even sure if the human eye can tell the difference. This means when watching playing games and editing media is presented flawlessly. With little to zero delay between mouse movement and display means that any gamer will love this monitor.

The refresh rate of 60Hz would have to be the monitors lowest specs. Many gaming monitors come with 120 or 144Hz refresh rates now. These rates sound really good, however i have never used one and 60Hz seems to be completely fine. However many will argue against this and a higher refresh rate would be preferred.

In conclusion this monitor is an excellent 1440p setup that allows for crisp and fast video and gaming. You will also benefit from day to day use of this monitor as everything is incredibly clear, easy to set up and is very easy on the eyes.

I will be using this monitor for years to come with my eyes slowly gazing towards 7680x1440 gaming.
I purchased the PB278Q for $595 from CPL Australia and its worth every cent.


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