Brilliant card - still good today!

A Review On: ASUS Radeon HD 5970 EAH5970 2GB DDR5

ASUS Radeon HD 5970 EAH5970 2GB DDR5

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Pros: Very fast frame rates, plays anything you throw at it

Cons: Expensive, hot and LOUD!

This was my first Dual GPU card I purchased. At the time, it was the fastest card on the planet and could play any game at ultra with stupid frame rates. It was awesome.

I recently sold the card to upgrade to the newer HD6990. The 5970 is still a great card and is great if you want to xfire or tri-fire it. The main problems with it are;

Noise: The card is extremely loud. When it is playing graphically intense games, it will definitely drown out the in game sounds without much problem. I would suggest a watercooling setup if you are going to overclock it.

Power:Get ready for big power bills because this thing sucks more energy than a small city during christmas light celebrations!

Heat:The heat of this card can also get quite high. If you don't have a good case with ample ventilation or positive fan flow, you may have a problem.

The last point is size. This card is 30cm long! If you have a small or medium size case FORGET IT!
The minimum needed for this beast would be a full tower.

Other than that, It's an absolute BEAST of a card and still plays all games at above average frame rates.

I definitely recommend it:D

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I wrote a thread recently also renewing praise for this card!
I thought it might actually be time to upgrade when BF3 came out but turns out it's only inferior to the 6990 (ati cards that is)!!

With regards to Noise & heat & Size: I have the AC accelero Xtreme after market cooler, it's an easy install, my card never gets above 60-65 degrees even when stressing for benchmarks, it's near silent even with my OC (950Mhz clock and mem @ 1250Mhz). Best 40EUR I ever spent was on this cooler. This cooler actually dropped the length of the card slightly as well, by about 1-2 cm i think!
The stock cooler was like a rocket ship taking off whenever it was under stress!!!

With regards to power: yep, it's a beast, never looked into the difference with the AC cooler but the card itself does require it's own substation.

I love this card and will keep it for some time yet, I have the XFX edition if anyone is interested!