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Asus Radeon HD 7850 HD7850-DC2-2GD5 Video Card

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Fast, cool, quiet, MONSTER OVERCLOCKER

Cons: Had a hard time finding a program that would allow overvolting

This card will please almost anyone looking to buy a fast card on a budget.
I paid 320 (aprox) shipped, the price has since then dropped by about 50$ so expect to be able to get this card for around 250 shipped. (to this date, september 12 2012)

Unfourtunately i havent had the luxury of a 1080p monitor yet, but at 1440x900 this card will plow through most games over 60hz. The only games ive tried so far that duck under that are crysis, crysis 2, metro 2033 and bf3 (but not often)

Now lets talk about overclocking!!!! (this is my favorite part biggrin.gif )
The card runs at 870mhz core with 1075 mv.
I managed to overclock this card stable at 1250mhz core with 1270 mv.
At these clocks everyone agrees it matches a 7950 stock. In furmark the temp levels out at around 82C, in games it never goes over 75C, so in theory i could push this card just a tad further to 1300mhz with another voltage bump, but i want to stay away from 1.3v even though it is possible and has been done.

Keep in mind that i use a 100% fan speed profile at the 80C mark, which can be a tad noisy for some people, but i dont mind it, the fan is completely silent under my case fans around 60% and doesnt really become noticable till 80%.
My comuter is on my desk beside me, 2 feet away.

I use saphire trixx to overclock (the only program that seemed to want to allow me to overvolt) and msi afterburner to monitor. currently cata 12.8

I hope you enjoyed my reveiw smile.gifthumb.gif


Pros: Runs quiet, cool, has a great heatsink, and overclocks easier than any card i have owned

Cons: A little large, (but i was upgrading from a 5770) i had plenty of room in my 600t

To start off, this card on stock clocks, eats anything i throw at it, and i play a variety of games, Battlefield 3/BC2 ,League Of Legends, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, GTA IV, and many others.

It overclocks with MSI afterburner and does not go above 48c in my 600t case, i could push it farther than i have, but i have no need to, its whisper quiet even under full load with Furmark, i can hear my GELID 120mm silent fans over the cooler on the HD 7850.

One thing to consider before buying, is the card is 11.8 inches overall, so its a little long, but i was upgrading from an ATI 5770, but i have room for another 7 inches in my case, as im running a larger case.

My favorite feature about the card is the heat-sink, it is longer than the card itself, allowing for heat to dissipate faster than its made, Asus thought this out well, and was well done.

Hope this review helps you!
Asus Radeon HD 7850 HD7850-DC2-2GD5 Video Card

Chipset Manufacturer: AMD Core Clock: 870MHz Stream Processors: 1024 Stream Processing Units Effective Memory Clock: 1210MHz (4.84Gbps) DirectX: DirectX 11 OpenGL: OpenGL 4.2 HDMI: 1 x HDMI DisplayPort: 2 x Mini DisplayPort

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