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Asus Rampage IV Extreme


Pros: Features, Features, Features, Overclocking, USB ports, options, OC KEY, Bios

Cons: None really

I bought this bored because it is the best, I think there may only be one similar board which the difference is the fact that it can do x16 PCIE on four slots,(AS rock X79 Extreme11) as opposed to this that can do x16 on only two or x16,x16,x8 or x16,x8,x8,x8

However this board is better overall,

Over all though this is the BEST Mobo you can get,

Oc key is awesome, allows you to have on screen display of hardware overclocking live hardware level OC'ing.

only downside is that the OCkey only supports less than 2560x1440 so maybe like 1080p

BUT you can use a second cheap monitor for that and have your main stuff on a nice 2560x1440

If you are serious and want the top of the line stuff this sis the mobo to get


Pros: Tons of BIOS settings, excellent overclocks

Cons: Pricey, E-ATX

My first foray into the Rampage series has been a positive one. The red and black theme goes great with the board and everything feels high quality. This is an awesome board, there are a ton of BIOS settings regarding timings, voltages, etc. These help fine-tune your overclock. I was able to get i7 3820 to 5.0Ghz without even breaking a sweat on the board. You can also use the OC profiles which get you to a respectable speed. There's also the OC key to help you change your settings in Windows and the ROG connect allows you to do so on a different computer. You can also the AI Suite to monitor and change you settings in Windows.

The Start and Reset buttons on the board are very useful when you don't have your board in a case. LEDs on the board are informative, like the ones that light up to let you know if the board is on and how many GPUs you got plugged in. Error codes are displayed on an LCD on the board and help make troubleshooting easy.

There's a bunch of connectivity on this board which I won't name here :rolleyes.gif, but things I liked include Bluetooth and the USB 3.0. Though for a board of this price they should also give you a WI-fi adapter and a sound card. thumb.gif People have said the the PCH fan is loud, but you can turn it down in the BIOS.

I highly recommend this board if you want to overclock like mad, or do LN2 biggrin.gif.


Pros: awesome overclockability, lots of features, Quad SLI/XFire, easy to OC, gorgeous black&red theme, OC key

Cons: bit pricey, and PCH fan is loud

This is the best MoBo I've ever had, actually. I've previously owned about 5 other MoBos, but none of them let me overclock as much as this. Hell, with my Foxconn Flaming Blade MoBo I coudln't even overclock anything!

This is a board MEANT for Overclockers. Well, overclockers and people like me who want it all, who aren't happy with anything BUT the best. It's even got native support for L2N and the MoBo even allows you to put sensors on your MoBo that allow you to measure temps BELOW zero. smile.gif

Lots of USB ports, both USB2.0 as well as USB3.0 and both internally as externally. Lots of SATA connections too, which I find good and useful. The more, the merrier. smile.gif

It's an E-ATX MoBo, but it fits nicely within my Cosmos II and the Corsair H100.

It's sooooo easy to OC with this MoBo and you don't even need brains for it. Just select a pre-built in profile and you'll be fine, an easy OC to 4.4GHz or more. smile.gif

The MoBo also looks gorgeous with its nice black&red theme, and will fit nicely when I finally get my WC loop setup (should arrive any day now) cuz now my whole computer will look black and red. smile.gif

The OC key is also a nice feature as it allows you to change your OC settings while in Windows!

The MoBo also supports Quad SLI&CrossFireX, which I find awesome.

Of course, all those goodies have their price, and in the case of the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, that is a steep one at 400+- $.
Also, the Chipset fan is really loud, louder even than my ASUS Radeon HD7970, CPU and H100 on full blowing power! Of course, disabling the PCH fan completely silences it and causes no harm.


Pros: The design is great, easy to overclock

Cons: The Ez-Plug are located a little bit far ( it was hard to find a con)

Republic of Gamers is a quality product, you can't go wrong with a Rampage. It's my second Rampage, I had the Rampage III extreme and it works so flawlesly. The Rampage IV extreme is about the same quality but I found it much easier to overclock. I was able to reach 4.8Ghz easily under 70'C on the CPU under a day.

There are more Sata 3 Ports. I use two SSD sata3.

I have a triple Crossfire setup and I didnt encounter any issue.

I had to think around 5-10 minutes to find a con because this board is more than amazing.

I recommend it because it's my best system so far.

For a better review done by a professionnal, here is one from March 5th 2012.
Asus Rampage IV Extreme

LGA2011 socket (8) DDR3 DIMM slots (two per channel) X79 PCH, which is actively cooled by a fan Expansion slots - (4) PCI-Express 3.0 x16 (red), (2) are x16-capable, all are x8 capable (1) PCI-Express 2.0 x4 (1) x1 slot Storage connectivity - (4) SATA 6 Gb/s (red) and SATA 3 Gb/s (black), (1) eSATA, and (1) power-eSATA. (8) USB 3.0 ports (1) gigabit Ethernet Bluetooth Realtek ALC898 8+2 channel audio

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