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ASUS VG248QE 24" 144Hz 1ms (GTG) Widescreen LED Backlight LCD 3D Monitor Built-in Speakers

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Pros: 144hz, Easy to remove bezels, The lowest input lag I've experienced on a monitor, No motion blur



The ASUS VG248QE is an awesome monitor for FPS and Racing games! Its enhanced refresh rate is amazing at 1ms response time and the low input lag of less than 5ms is unheard of. Some serious advances in TN technology have been made with ASUS’s VG248QE. Also now we're almost getting as good colour representation as with the favourite budget IPS panels. So beautiful colors just like the IPS panels but with a quicker response rate, perfect for those fast-paced 3D games. Outside of the 3D modes they're great monitors, offering a smooth desktop experience with a top-of-the-range 144Hz refresh rate. The sad thing is that this 24-inch version isn't much cheaper than the 27-inch one ithink that because the pixels are to big and noticeable on 27” version. Also the 24” is better for Portrait Surround Gaming. However they are the same native resolution, full tilt/rotation, a VESA-compatible stand and great image quality. I think most of us will agree that a decent 120-144Hz screen is a rather desirable little gaming panel. Plus the added bonus of Nvidia 3D Vision with Lightboost.
3D Vision is as is expected. Its performs better than the VG278H that I used to have in crosstalk. But unlike the VG278H you have to purchase a 3D Vision Kit separately. Lucky I had all the gear already which brings me to my once passion/obsession. Before I purchased 3 of these monitors, debezelled them and mounted them in Portrait Surround. I loved gaming in Stereoscopic 3D! The first taste of it was back in 2010 with my ASUS G51J-3D Laptop. It was had an image display of 15” at only 1366 x 768. But I loved gaming on it even though I had to drop the setting because it had a Nvidia 360M gpu. I even bought a 3d Fuji camera, Some of the pictures I’ve taken are awesome. I even built a underwater housing for it and took it scuba diving. 3D coral and fish just popping out everywhere! Sorry just reliving the past!!! Anyways I purchased a 3d TV and eventually upgraded to a proper Gaming Rig – 3x VG279H monitors and 2-way SLI GTX 680s 4gb graphics cards. It was awesome! Surround 3D gaming looks great but I was one of those people that could not stand thick bezels and I never fully got immersed into games. So I done some research and people all over the place were saying 1440p is where its at for gaming. Buy the Korean monitors and its 50 / 50 if you get dead pixels on arrival or if it last more than 3 months. So I decided to give the Samsung S27B970D 27” PLS Monitor a go. I had the Surround VG278H setup for 6 months. The Samsung monitor had great colors that are individually calibrated by Samsung in their factory. It was not good for fast gaming and although the 1440p looked good for pictures it was only 60hz and the motion blur was terrible. So once again I scratched around trying to find a solution. Something that would fully immerse me! I bought an Optoma 3d GT720 projector and I had the intenion of buy 2 more and going surround but the low pixel density just didn’t work. It had ZERO input lag! Yes Zero but it had poor pixel response times meaning it had blurry ness during fast gaming and also the dreaded Rainbow Effect! I ahd almost given up when I stumbled upon a lad called CallSignVega on overclock.net. He showed me his three ASUS VG248QE Monitors in Portrait Surround and it looked stunning! I couldn’t Do the portrait mode with the VG278H monitors that I had because of the 3D emitter that protrudes from the top bezel. Also what is gaming like with the bezels so close and narrow in portrait. So I bit the bullet and purchased 3. They arrive I set them up in Portrait Surround and played a few games. WOW its just so snappy and quick. Everything was so fluid and the detail of having the three monitors in portrait meant that I had 3240 x 1920p @ 42” diagonally. This is a big difference to a TV that’s 42” and 1080p. Plus I had 144hz and low input lag and fast 1ms pixel response. And if you want to basically eliminate motion blur then you can activate the Lightboost mode in 2D (with a work around) and gaming becomes CRT like (480Hz). Also let’s not forget the monitor comes with overlay sights for FPS gaming. They are good and I find them helpful because you can select a gun in Black Ops 2 and not have to unlock, select and waste a space on your load out for a Laser Sight attachment. Handy! I use it every now and then. ASUS really did think of gamers when they designed the VG248QE.
I soon realized that the last piece of the puzzle was to debezel the monitors. I was so scared too! Especially since these monitors are new. But I had to and WOW it’s the cheery on the top! Now when I game I don’t even notice the bezels. Im so fixated on the game play and the extreme detail that I can see. I understand that 4k monitors are coming but unless the make one that’s 120hz with low pixel response, low lag I wont change my setup. The way I see it I will keep these monitors for 7 years minimum. By then I will reassess. I cant recommend these monitors enough. I hope I made my self clear and I tried to show you that I do have experience in what is a good monitor and what is not and how I came to love the VG248QE. If you want some advice or information on how to debezel your ASUS VG248QE head over to - [Official] Debezelled Monitor & Portrait Surround/Eyefinity


Pros: Size, Tilt, Swivel

Cons: None

Have had this monitor for a while now, Bought to replace the 21.5: Monitor that is available at best buy.

Miles apart. Love that this monitor was 24" 144Hz. Easy to work with, can use Display port. Was purchased from Amazon, Flawless screen and easily a great purchase for 1080P Gaming. I would agree that the Colours could be a little richer, but I have not had 1 single problem in the 2 years I have Owned it.

I currently Use it at work 6 Days of the Week. I moved it to my Job because I purchased a 1440P (Qnix) for my Gaming setup. thumb.gif

10/10 Would Recommend to anyone. Hope this helps.



Pros: Color intensity

Cons: none

Bought 3 of these for eyefinity, beware that you will need to use display port to achieve higher refresh rate, hdmi output is limited to 60hz. Newegg has 122dp cables. Had to do some homework after I was getting these set up and was my fault for not seeing that. using both dual link dvi cables and 1 display port cable I was able to achieve 100-122hz. But does get a little sensitive when using eyefinity at the higher refresh rates. So I set at 85hz for final fantasy and bam all good to go. The color and brightness is perfect out of box in my opinion and would definitely buy another.
ASUS VG248QE 24" 144Hz 1ms (GTG) Widescreen LED Backlight LCD 3D Monitor Built-in Speakers

DVI: 1 Stand Adjustments: Height, Pivot, Swivel, Tilt Built-in Speakers: 2W x 2 Stereo RMS HDCP Support: Yes Recommended Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel Pitch: 0.2768mm Display Colors: 16.7 Million Brightness: 350 cd/m2

Model NumberVG248QE
ClassificationMonitors - LCD Flat Panel
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