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Asus Xonar DX Sound Card

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Pros: Hardware

Cons: Software

I had owned previously the D1 (PCI variant) of the DX for over 2 years, and it ran without any faults.

Got the DX in, and it was easy to install, and put in the front panel audio plug.
The PCI-E DX needs power though, which it comes with an included adapter.
Problem is, that the plug doesn't feel securely in place.

Apart from that, the hardware was great, it gave good sound quality, and EQ functionalities for my rig, just like the D1 did.

However, getting there was a real pain.
The software included with the DX and even the online drivers/software on ASUS's official site were shockingly bad.
I had no sound, nothing working on the Xonar utility, and often a grey screen in the utility (I'm running 64bit Win7).

Anyway - was about to give up and return this product, due to ASUS being absolutely terrible when it comes to software support, until I found the Unified software - which not only worked, but worked better than my old D1 utility.
Overall, bad software, great hardware = 4/5

Here's my unboxing and overview and software installation:

Here's my C-Panel Audio configurations (as requested):


Pros: Great clarity and sound quality

Cons: None

Best sound output I have ever heard. I normally use onboard sound, but since I broke my onboard sound I purchased this. Let me say, once you get a sound card you will never use onboard again.

I've had this for a month so far and the sound quality is great from watching movies or playing games. Not once have I had an issue with it.

I highly recommend this to anyone in the market for a sound card. thumb.gif
Asus Xonar DX Sound Card

The ASUS Xonar DX is a PCI-E sound card with a 116 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), which provides audio that is 35 times cleaner than onboard audio. With the support of Dolby technologies and GX2.5, the Xonar DX provides rich audio effects in games and theater quality audio in movies. Dolby is globally recognized for their innovations in audio for cinemas, home theaters, PCs, and games. With Dolby technologies, your PC is upgraded to surround sound and transformed into an immersive digital entertainment center. These include Dolby Digital Live (Real-time 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound encoding), Dolby Pro-Logic IIx (Converts stereo or 5.1 sounds to a seamless 7.1 surround sound field), Dolby Headphone (Delivers a realistic and spacious 2-to-5.1 surround or 3D positional sound field over any set of stereo headphones), and Dolby Virtual Speaker which simulates a highly realistic 5.1 speaker surround sound listening environment from as few as 2 speakers. ASUS designed GX2.5 to simulate EAX game effects and makes them available on Windows Vista/7 PCs. GX2.5 will automatically emulate the latest EAX technologies without additional software. Audio Chipset: ASUS AV100 SNR: 116dB Hardware Decode: Dolby Digital Line Out: Front/Rear/Center/Subwoofer/Rear Center Package Contents: Xonar DX Sound Card User Manual Driver Disk Parts: 3 years limited Labor: 3 years limited

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