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Excellent Hardware - TERRIBLE software

A Review On: Asus Xonar DX Sound Card

Asus Xonar DX Sound Card

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Totally Dubbed
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Pros: Hardware

Cons: Software

I had owned previously the D1 (PCI variant) of the DX for over 2 years, and it ran without any faults.

Got the DX in, and it was easy to install, and put in the front panel audio plug.
The PCI-E DX needs power though, which it comes with an included adapter.
Problem is, that the plug doesn't feel securely in place.

Apart from that, the hardware was great, it gave good sound quality, and EQ functionalities for my rig, just like the D1 did.

However, getting there was a real pain.
The software included with the DX and even the online drivers/software on ASUS's official site were shockingly bad.
I had no sound, nothing working on the Xonar utility, and often a grey screen in the utility (I'm running 64bit Win7).

Anyway - was about to give up and return this product, due to ASUS being absolutely terrible when it comes to software support, until I found the Unified software - which not only worked, but worked better than my old D1 utility.
Overall, bad software, great hardware = 4/5

Here's my unboxing and overview and software installation:

Here's my C-Panel Audio configurations (as requested):


Thanks, btw how's your tweaking on the xonars, warhammer 40k is my fav game but still cant match my previous xtremegamer fatal1ty pro, cant hear properly many sounds of dawn of war II. Im gonna try the unified drivers,the website is a bit confusing thats why i downloaded the last driver from Asus
Hey there!

Well, I have no problems with games, but with BF3, I had to turn on something in the settings of the BF3 audio panel so that all speech would work normally, so that could be the same case for you.

As for Tweaking - I will edit my review right now, and add my C-Panel configurations
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