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Audio-technica ATH A900X

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #31 in Headphones


Pros: comfort, sound quality

Cons: non that I have noticed

I purchased these head phones from a fellow member of Over Clock.

These cans have been great, I use them mostly for gaming (with a desk mic when needed) coming from an old pair of Zantec surround sound head phones I can say these are quit an improvement,

The ear cups are generous and fit around my average sized ears very well without riding on them. +
The large cups block out almost all back ground noise.+
The head band system means they do not require to much clamping force to stay in place. +
The cord is long and covered with a tough cloth bread.+

My longest gaming session with these so far has been a full day of non stop World of tanks and they stayed both
comfortable and cool, with my old headphones I would end up with them around my neck after a couple hours due to heat.

Music reproduction is good but I am using an old Creative Audigy sound card in a PCI slot
Audio-technica ATH A900X

Weight: 350g Impedance: 42 Ohms Sensitivity: 100dB Open/Closed: Closed Transducer type: Dynamic Ear Coupling: Circumaural Frequency response: 5-40,000 Hz Cable length: 3m

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Overclock.net › Components › Speakers & Headsets › Headphones › Audio-technica ATH A900X