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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones Reviews


Great Budget Headphones


Pros: Well balanced, Good price, Comfortable, Stylish, Coiled cord, Portable

Cons: Still only entry level so quality and sound could sound better.

I'm doing a follow up review on these headphones since i've learned a lot about headphones since I initially made this review years ago.My old review is inside the spoiler below. [[SPOILER]] I'd like to start by saying whenever one of my friends is looking to get some good entry level headphones I always direct them to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's.When I initially did a review on these headphones I had my mind in the right place trying to get some variance in the songs i tested with, but for some reason I chose to use entirely EDM.I have since bought owned a pair and tested A wide variety of different genres and thousands of songs on them so I can say with much more confidence these are...
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ATH-M50 Limited Edition Straight Cable: A Daily Pleasure


Pros: Extremely well made, fantastic price/performance ratio, comfortable, clever (will explain)

Cons: For the price it's to pick out any.

These were bought mainly to be used as my travelling and work headphones. I catch the train to work everyday and quite regularlry go to London to watch Arsenal play which is a 2 n half hours journey. I was needing something a bit better than iPod earbuds to service me for these runs. My home headphones in the dedicated set up are Denon AH-D7000 which lets be honest will never leave my house due to fear of damage. Audio Technica M50's get thrown around a lot as THE headphones to get at the £100 price point. I found these limited edition ones brand new for £125. And well it's safe to say that people do a good job recommending them. I'll keep mentioining this but for so little money it's...
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A below expected amount of flaws


Pros: Good balanced sound, Price to performance

Cons: Uncomfortable for the first few weeks, Does not have ear bursting bass (could be a plus)

Lets start this out with that fact that I have a very sensitive head and hearing. That being said at first these headphones squeeze the brains right out of your head; their resting position leaves maybe an inch in between each muff. You have two choices from that point on. You can ether stretch them over time (this could take a few weeks depending on how long you can bear to keep them on your head or you can stretch them manually with your hands. After ether of these they are much more comfortable and can be worn for several hours before they become uncomfortable. 4/5 for comfort only change I would make is a slightly bigger cup but that is just because my ears are slightly larger than...
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Pleased with my purchase, lived up to the reviews.


Pros: Great bass, descent noise isolation, comfortable

Cons: Cable too long?

My first "quality" headphones that I picked up based on the performance/price recommendations around the net. From the looks of things, they don't have much closed-ear competition at their pricepoint. These are only being fed by an X-fi Xtrememusic, but still sound great. They also work well from my phone/tablet. The long cable (I have the ATH-m50s with 11' straight cable) could be seen as a pro, but i have about 8' in a zip-tied bundle when i use them with a portable device. Mine spend most of their time with a zalman clip-on mic attached at my PC. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a decent closed set of headphones with a $150 budget.

Great Set of Closed Headphones


Pros: Great bass, Clear highs, Sound Isolation

Cons: Recessed mids, Small sound stage

These are my second set of "audiophile" headphones, after the ATH-AD700s. My thoughts after a few weeks of owning them: Pros Great Bass: Coming from the AD700s, it feels great to actually have bass now. Not only that, but the bass here is clear and not muddy. In contrast to other non-quality headphones I've tried (including an unknown model Beats and Skullcandy), I can hear the individual "BOOM" of the bass line and they don't merge together in a muddy mess. The bass here kicks and sounds good. Clear Highs: For a headphones with a strong performance in the lows, I was surprised to hear how clear the highs were as well. Very well defined and articulate to the smallest details. Sound...
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