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AURIA EQ276W 27" IPS LED Monitor

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Low price, great response time, very bright, great color, did I mention cheap :)

Cons: Somewhat heavy, odd OSD controls, thick bezal.

I got this from Micro center, I was expecting to spend almost 900 bucks on a Dell Ultra-sharp then I saw this next to it in store.

At half the price of the similar Dell ultra sharp you can't go wrong, its response time is lower, its dynamic contrast ratio is significantly higher.

the newest ultra sharp is nearly 900 bucks, but is capable of 1.07 Billion colors as opposed to this and the previous ultra sharp that is 16.7 million colors, BUT the previous ultra sharp seems dull compared to this, the Auria's viewing angle (being an IPS) is better than the ultra sharp, and looks the same to me in store with the same background (hi res hi color) as the newest ultra sharp, the difference being if you are professionally digital printing, etc. but even then this monitor should be just fine, and its over half off the dell price.

I recommend this for sure.
AURIA EQ276W 27" IPS LED Monitor

High quality resolution on this 27" IPS LED Monitor. The fast response time will reduce blur. You have a VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI inputs on this monitor. IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology allows for better viewing angles and increased low-quality color reproduction. To achieve the maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440, a DisplayPort or DVI port must be used on both ends. Features: 27" Viewable area with anti-glare coating 178 Degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles 2560 x 1440 resolution 16.7 Million colors 60Hz Refresh 6.5ms Response time 350 cd/m2 Brightness 1,00:1 Native contrast 100,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast Built-in speakers (stereo) 1 of each HDMI, VGA, DP, and DVI ports with one headphone jack Comes with VGA, DVI, and power cords. 1 Year warranty

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