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A Review On: Bang&Olufsen Form 2 Headphones

Bang&Olufsen Form 2 Headphones

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Pros: Clear Sound Quality,Light weight,Stylish,Comfortable

Cons: Feel Cheap, Cord is Very Thin,

Just got the Bang&Olufsen Form 2 Headphones on Saturday and did not try them till Sunday (Was out of town). So, first impression from opening the box was that they were very light weight and felt like I could easily break them, but still are sturdy enough and they better be for the price! Cord is pretty thin so you should be careful not to have these lying around on the floor--- cord is not excessively long but not too short either, so just right. Was a bit confused at first when I tried them on and not knowing how to properly adjust them to my ears haha! They have adjustable bands built into the the sides which makes them easy to adjust also, as a plus the speakers are on something of a swivel and you can adjust them to fit to your ears- personally that is great. Another point to make for the weight of the Form 2's is that you could literally wear them on your head for hours and can forget they are there haha.

Style, they look great! -- I purchased the Red colored ones and the metallic adjustable bands pop out and make the red more defined. Now, I am not much of a person who cares for the looks of a product, but they are nice if you are looking for something thin and sleek. Personally I like functionality more!

The sound quality, now... to warn you all I have a pair of Sennheiser PC360 headsets and a pair of Astro A40s.The Form 2's were purchased solely for music the output is very crisp and clear, you should be able to hear everything thing! The range of Highs and lows are in a harmony I would say, but if you are a bass junkie do not expect the Form 2's to give you that fix. They have bass, but its not 'My head is ready to explode next to a sub-woofer in the club" bass. To tested the sound quality two different ways, the first was with a 6th Gen iPod nano. At first I was not blown away...then I listened longer and longer to my music (Rock,Rap,Techno,ect) and just the sound was very clear and I could hear all the instruments tones and shifts, but god does that ipod NOT do the Form 2's a justice one bit! The second test is what blew me away. I setup my PC with an Astro MixAmp which is paired with my Sound Blaster X-Fi card via toslink optical cable and optimized for headsets only. Plugged in the Form 2's and played some Pink Floyd and wow was I amazed. The Form 2's sounded the way they were meant to sound. Perfect Crisp clear sound, no crackling, no distortion or anything! Even the bass was better and just had a far better experience when they were amplified vs. going straight to a MP3 player. To be more specific they sounded better than the A40s (I'm leaving the Sennheiser headphones out of it)

All in all good experience! I give the Form 2's 4.5/5 and if not for the feel of them I would give them a 5.

Hope you all enjoyed the review and have a wonderful day!

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when it comes to crisp sound, especially for the price, these headphones cannot be beat, they take some getting used to though, they have that weightless feeling on your head B&O got right what alot of manufacturers ignore, sound quality is one thing, but clarity without distortion is another, these headphones push the best of both worlds