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be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11


Pros: It has legendary silence, and cutting edge performance

Cons: Additional sleeving would be nice

I have reviewed quite a few bequiet! products lately. The modern world of high technology requires constant refinement to advance. Today I will be looking over the Dark Power Pro 11 1000W power supply. It is 80PLUS Platinum certified and does it deserves the title as the technologically most advanced PSU be quiet! has ever built ? Lets take a look and find out.

The specifications are as follows:

General Data

Continuous power (W)
Peak power (W)
Form factor ATX 12V
Version 2.4
Form factor EPS 12V
Version 2.92
Modular cable management

Full bridge + LLC + SR + DC/DC
Voltage (Vac)
100 - 240
Frequency (Hz)
50 - 60
Input current (A)
14 / 8
Power factor at 100% load
Compliant to Intel C6/C7

Compliant to Intel C6 mode

Power consumption in standby (W)
Average life time (h / 25°C)
Operating temperature up to (°C)


12V rails (multi-rail operation)
12V single rail operation

Overclocking key

+3.3V (A)
+5V (A)
+12V1 (A)
+12V2 (A)
+12V3 (A)
+12V4 (A)
+12V5 (A)
+12V6 (A)
-12V (A)
+5Vsb (A)
Max. combined power 12V (W)
Max. combined power 3.3V + 5V (W)
Hold-up time (ms @ 100%)
19,29 @ 100% load

Fan / Cooling technology

Fan type
be quiet! SilentWings®

Motor technology
6-pole fan motor
Bearing technology
Fan size (mm)
Max. fan speed (rpm), temperature-dependent
Temperature control for case fans

dB(A) at 20% load
dB(A) at 50% load
dB(A) at 100% load


OCP (over current protection)

OVP (over voltage protection)

UVP (under voltage protection)

SCP (short circuit protection)

OTP (over temperature protection)

OPP (over power protection)

Safety certification




Nemko (N)
Semko (S)
Fimko (FI)
Demko (D)


RCM (Australia)

CU (Russia)

Eco / Efficiency

80PLUS certification
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 20% load
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 50% load
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 100% load

Environmental directives




Cablemanagement / Connectors

Modular cable management

Sleeved cables

Flat Cables
Cable length to mainboard (cm)
Cable length to first connector (cm)
Maximum cable length (cm)
All-in-one cable (SATA/PATA/FDD)

No. of cables
ATX-Mainboard (20+4 pin)
P8 (CPU)
P4+4 (CPU)
P4 (CPU)
PCI-E 6 pin (GPU)
PCI-E 6+2 pin (GPU)
PATA 4 pin
SATA 15-pin (HDD, Drives)
FDD (Floppy)
Mainboard Connector (PATA 4 pin)
External fan connectors

GPU compatibility

Multi-GPU ready

NVIDIA SLI readyTM certified

AMD CrossFireX certified


Dimensions without cable (L x W x D), (mm)
193 x 150 x 86
Weight incl. fixed cables (kg)


Warranty (Years)
Express replacement service in first year
International hotline / free of charge
✓ / DE, FR

Logistics Data, RRP

Dark Power Pro
Article number
EAN code
Dimensions, package (L x W x H), (mm)
348 x 272 x 118
Gross weight, package (kg)
Pieces per packaging unit
Dimensions, shipping box (L x W x H), (mm)
514 x 305 x 378
Gross weight, shipping box (kg)


The product was shipped with no damage on arrival. The packaging of this beast is superb, and definitely looks high-end while unboxing like labeled on the box. The contents are well and neatly organized within the box, and are all wrapped individually. I felt royal just opening this. I've never felt that way opening a product before. As an extra I received an awesome Ninja t-shirt which is a proper logo for be quiet! products.

The accessories include:
  • Thumb screws
  • Screws
  • Velcro ties
  • Cable ties
  • AC power cord
  • Modular PSU cables
  • User manual
  • OCK slot bracket with jumper

For my first time I am astounded that they have a OCK bracket and overclocking for a PSU. This is fantastic and deserves recognition for innovation. It's as easy as flipping a switch. They provide a jumper as well if you're not interested in using the bracket. The OCK bracket allows you to bypass the multiple 12V overcurrent protection. Basically this switches you from a multi-rail system to a single rail. The cable would have looked cleaner as a sleeved cable, but really is still a cool feature regardless. The individual modular cables are all individually sleeved and look fantastic.


This PSU is beautiful in every sense of the word. It feel heavy, and ascetically looks good. The Dark Power Pro 11 1000W model takes that a step further with a power conversion topology that delivers 80PLUS® Platinum performance, add to that an unparalleled array of enhancements that augment this unit’s compatibility, convenience of use, reliability, and safety, and the result is the most technologically-advanced power supply be quiet! has ever built. Every detail has been looked over and considered.

The best features of the Dark Power Pro:
  • 80PLUS® Platinum certification and up to 94% power conversion efficiency
  • Virtually inaudible operation thanks to a broad array of optimizations, including the use of a be quiet! SilentWings® 3 135mm fan
  • SilentWings® 3 fan features an advanced fan frame, an airflow-optimized fan blade, fluid-dynamic bearing with copper core and a high-quality 6-pole motor for less vibration
  • The funnel-shaped fan opening of the PSU case is significant big and allows high airflow intake
  • 1000 Watts of continuous power provide intensive power reserves for demanding computing applications
  • Overclocking key allows switchover between quadruple independent 12V-rail mode and high-performance single-rail operation
  • NVIDIA SLI Ready and AMD CrossFireX certifications allow you to build powerful Multi-GPU systems with confidence
  • Cable management with extra long cable reach simplifies component installation and reduces annoying clutter, increasing airflow and improving cooling in even the largest PC cases
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

Virtually Inaudible Operation:
  • Installed SilentWings® 3 135mm fan includes a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for best-of-class airflow with very low noise production, including:
  • Unique airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
  • Advanced fluid-dynamic bearing with copper core provides for greatly reduced operating noise and super-long life
  • 6-pole fan motor smoothes operation even at very low speeds
  • High quality IC motor controller reduces electrical noise
  • PSU case has a large funnel-shaped fan opening that facilitates high airflow intake
  • SilentWings® 3 fan is decoupled from the PSU body with special rubberized ring mount, reducing transmission of vibration and noise
  • Dual-layer PSU housing with rubberized sleeve isolates your chassis from PSU noise and vibration, further enhancing silence
  • Optimized PSU airflow generates superior cooling at lower fan speeds, reducing turbulence and allowing even quieter operation
  • Variable fan speed is optimally governed to strike the best balance between proper cooling and deep quietness
  • Up to four case fans can be connected to, and regulated by the PSU, thus reducing overall system noise even further

The rear side of the PSU is well vented to help with airflow, and provides a power switch and power connector.

The front side of the PSU is where all the modular connections and hardwired cables are. The modular connections are neatly labeled and laid out. The modular cables included are all individually sleeved, except for the OCK and fan cables. We have fan connectors right on the PSU, and also the OCK connector which is a very innovative design decision. Only the 24 pin motherboard cable is hardwired, which isn't a big deal because you must use that anyway to power your system. I also enjoy the small things and love how easy the extra connectors stay with the main cables. Sometimes these cables do not snap well or are difficult to plug into your motherboard. The 24 pin and 8 pin connections easily plugged into my motherboard with no force.

The be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000W can deliver 996W on the 12V rails. This is outstanding and definitely an enthusiasts dream. My current setup won't even come close to using that much, but start adding overclocking to a 5960x, and multi GPU setups you can consume that with no problem.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 95

Be quiet! uses a Silent Wings 135mm FDB fan model number BQ SIW3-13525-HF. The fan is rated for 12v at 1800 rpm. This fan is classified as a silent optimized fan. The overall build quality of this PSU is outstanding. It has one large heatsink for the PCB to help maintain temperatures. The ICs on the PSU are used to communicate and monitor to improve efficiency. This can be called Zero Load design which allows the Pure Power its silent operations. It supports Intel's deep power down C6 and C7 modes.

The Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors used are all high grade rated for 105°C for maximum reliability and operating life. The Dark Pro 11 has increased 12V output for its capacitors to minimize feedback from GPUs.


Testing power supplies is a complex procedure and can vary for several reasons. I am one reviewer and limited to what tools I have. I will be testing loads on the power supply for standard gaming, and overclocking. I will also test the Watts used by using a KILL A WATT. Please keep in mind that each system is different and actual loads can vary greatly even with similar hardware. I will be gaming using Overwatch, and using the system on 100% full load with Adia64 extreme.

My test bench is as follows:
  • Motherboard- AsRock z170 Gaming k6+
  • CPU: Intel Core I7 6700K
  • Network Card- netgear AC 1200 USB
  • Cooler- CoolerMaster Pro 240
  • Memory- Anarchy X 16GB DDR4 2800MHz
  • Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1060
  • Storage- PNY CS2210 480GB / Samsung 950 pro m.2 512GB
  • Power Supply- bequiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000W
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro
  • Headphones- Creative H7

The load on the PSU is measured to get a general idea across various systems in respect to Watts consumed. I tested the voltages using a standard multi-meter. The voltages across the PSU managed to all stay within 3% of specification for each rail. There is sometimes minimal drop in voltage as with power regulations.

I always like a visual representation of noise whenever possible. I could just show you a chart with numbers, but in be quiets! case I wanted to show how quiet the PSU really is. You will have minimal dB differences due to various background noise, and other system devices and fans. This PSU is truly quiet and deserves the video to show that off. The average noise level for this PSU is 43 dB. I measured the noise level using a high gain microphone a few meters away. This is equivalent to a noise level of a normal conversation.

be quiet! I'm sure has its own method of testing noise, and here is their claim of sound levels for the Pure Power under specific loads.


This power supply is extremely silent, and delivers on overclocking, and is one of the best PSUs I have ever used. It has legendary silence, and cutting edge performance. I was able to reach 4.5 GHz no problem, and could have gone further. I couldn't really find many faults with the design of this PSU. I do feel every cable should have been sleeved, but the performance of this PSU it top notch. This PSU is an enthusiasts dream.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

There is often a miss conception you need a high wattage power supply for certain parts. As you can see I have a GTX 1060, and have alot of headroom before even coming close to half the Dark Power Pro 11s threshold. This power supply had steady voltages across each rail, and really looks great. I really appreciate the sleeved cables and attention to detail that went into making the Dark Power Pro 11 series of power supplies. The PSU was able to provide continuous clean stable power for my overclocking needs, and would highly recommend this PSU for any enthusiasts or gamer. You can buy the Dark Power Pro 11 series PSU from the be quiet! Newegg store for $210.00.
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11

High end enthusiast PSU

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