BenQ 24" LED XL2420T

A Review On: BenQ XL2420T Black-Red 24"" 5ms (2ms GTG) Widescreen Height & Pivot Adjustable LED-Backlit 120Hz 3D-Ready LCD Monitor

BenQ XL2420T Black-Red 24"" 5ms (2ms GTG) Widescreen Height & Pivot Adjustable LED-Backlit 120Hz 3D-Ready LCD Monitor

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Pros: Solid stand, Nice handle for easy carrying, Good hight adjustment, easy to to switch between profiles

Cons: none

Had this for about 4mnd's now for two of my gameing pc's.

It's grate for gaming, easy to spot enemy's in dark spots, the stand is heavy and sturdy so it will not fall off your desk under you rage moments.

On the controller you get with the monitor, you can easyly switch between 3 game mods, it also have a magnet on it, so you can place it on ether side of your monitor stand. On the right side of the screen you got 5 tutch points + power tutch point, to navigate trew the screen meny, here you can also use the controller.

the screen dont reflext as much as other monitors so that is a BIG +, the sides of the monitor is also not reflecting much.

The maximum resolution for the Xl2420T is 1920 x 1080 (witch is almost standard for 24" monitors nowadays)
For games and movies its perfect color, just set one profile for movies and another for games.

Amazingly bright LED display so you can easly see in the darker corners for enemy players.

Its a nice design, with easy cable managements on the stand + a headset holder on the back of the stand, its one of the best lan monitors i have had, with a good solid handle on the stand to easy carry it with you, with the monitor you also get a plastic bag kinda that you can take over your monitor for transporting/storing.

Overall one of the best monitors i have had. Note that the prices where i live is way higher then other countries, so check out the prices for your countrie!

"It also supports NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 to allow you to experience games and other media in completely realistic 3D"

So the 3D test on this monitor went well, after some trouble with the drivers, but after that was sorted, it went pritty well.
Most of the info will be on the 3D glasses review, if you got anymore questions or somthing you want me to test/add just give me a PM

For the review of the 3D glasses check out my 3D glasses review!


Great Review! You came up with Pros and Cons of what I expected this monitor to have, I am personally buying two 7950s for CF and this monitor for just the 120Hz. You have confirmed my opinion to buy this beast!
I bought this guy also. 120Hz being my main reason, but also the HDMI audio pass through. Something I use for my xbox.
Thanks for liking my reviews, makes me want to make more =)