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A Review On: BEYER DYNAMIC DT880-Pro Headphones (250 Ohms)

BEYER DYNAMIC DT880-Pro Headphones (250 Ohms)

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Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Design, Accessories, Build Quality, Durability

Cons: Price (AUD, retail), sound leakage

I have been using these headphones for over a month in the following configuration.

Source: Lossless/FLAC (Albums with high dynamic range & quality recordings)
Sound card: Asus Essence STX w/ 2xLME47920, 1xLM6172 op-amps (amp on +12dB gain)

During my time with these cans, I've listened to my entire collection of music, played hundreds of hours of games, and sat with them on for durations of over 8 hours in the heat & cold

Pros: Sound quality. With my setup it's simply amazing. They have clarity, punch, and a consistent sound. Soundstage is adequate though I would like more coming from Grado SR80i's and AD700's. These cans, in the right configuration, will reveal almost every minute detail in lossless, quality recordings. For gaming they will give you accurate positioning with an above-average soundstage, but these are no AD700's.

These cans are extremely comfortable as my ears fit within the earpads. The band is adjustable and the mechanism is nice and sturdy. If I may say so the design is also quite well done. I've worn them for over 8 hours at a time without taking them off too much. They do a good job of blocking all keyboard noise when gaming or listening to music. Noise cancellation is average. High end sound is definitely there but not harsh at a decent volume. The mid range could be a little better, but the frequency response of this headphone is fairly flat. The bass response and amount is substantial but not over the top, other wise it would drown out the other areas. Drum hits and bass guitar is satisfying especially with quality music.

This premium version also comes with a pleather carry case with a foam internal for safe transport.

Cons: Price. These were an expensive purchase for me at $399 AUD, they were cheaper from Amazon ($250) but I didn't want to wait weeks for Christmas shipping from overseas, so I bought locally.

These cans also leak sound like a barrel full of holes leaks water - this may be a con for you. No good for mobile listening, these are very much suitable for at home/man cave usage, if you don't want to piss people off.

Other notes: The cable is located of the left side of the headphone, there is not one from each driver merging into one. Depending on your preference, you may or may not like this. I will say that the dual cables on my SR80i's annoyed me as they would always get twisted. Depending on your tolerances, these cans might also be considered heavy, so take that into consideration.

Final notes: At this price range you are reaching the point of diminishing returns, so choose carefully. This headphone is pretty well-balanced in every area with a few strong and weaker points. It's a "safe" bet for any audiophile looking to listen to a wide range of music, and throw some gaming into the mix.


Also an owner of the DT880 Premium (600Ohm version for me), with a couple of comments

1) Do you have the Pro or the Premium? You have both listed, but they are not the same thing. Pro will provide more noise cancellation, but be less comfortable compared to the Premium because the Pro clamps onto your head tighter(this also will change the sound, obviously)

2) In case anyone is put off by the sound leakage, please note that this is a characteristic inherent to open headphone design, and that it is a necessary trade off to gain the improved soundstage(the sense of the sound coming from around you rather than being trapped in your head) over closed designs. The reason that the soundstage on these headphones can only be considered "above average"(I agree with that assessment) is that the DT880 is actually a semi-open design, so the leakage isn't actually as bad as in full open designs. I listen to music, watch movies and game late at night with my wife and daughter sleeping on the other side of the wall and never wake them up.

3) While it hasn't bothered me much(and apparently isn't a problem for linkin93 either), the DT880's trebles can be described as "harsh." Imagine "feeling" the highs the way a subwoofer makes you feel the lows, and you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. Like I said, it doesn't bother me, but it's worth noting.

4) Another difference between the Premium and the Pro is that the Premium has a straight cable while the Pro's cable loops like that of an old corded telephone. Comparing my Premium to my old Sennheiser HD280 Pro(which also had the looped cable), I much prefer the straight cable. It doesn't get tangled up on itself, and that's great.

5) Final thoughts: I've had my DT880 Premium since April(using an X-Fi Titanium HD and a little Dot mkIII amp), and I've since disconnected my speakers to save space. The sound quality is excellent, and the headphones are comfortable enough that I can wear them for hours on end without feeling the least bit of discomfort(this might not be the case with the Pro version though). Highly recommended to anyone looking for something in its pricing tier.
Checking my receipt for the headphones, I have the premium version.

Thanks for the additional notes.

PS Nice amp
I too have the DT880 Premium (600ohms) Manufaktur version, custom made in Walnut Burl, leather head band and black velour ear pads. I confirm that the Premium version has the straight cable like mine and it is the 'Pro' version that has the curly cable. The Premium version also comes in a leatherette case.
Enough has been written about the wonderful sound reproduced by these phones, mine being helped with the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02 and matching DAC.
Very highly recommended if you can afford 300 euros.