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Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #54 in Headphones


Pros: -Cheap and very comfortable -Scale's well with amps and sources -Very "Fun" headphone

Cons: -Heavy cord can pull on you -Not suitable for studio use eventhough its advertised as such


I have owned this headphone for almost 3 years and used them for well over 2500+ hours so i thought its time to write a review about them (even though i rather suck at writing reviews)

Photo's (not mine)


Equipment used:
-Creative Sound Blaster Xi-Fi HD
-Asus Essence STX
-Musical Fidelity V-DAC II + V-PSU II
-Pro-ject Headbox 2 headphone amp
-Lehmann Audio Linear headphone amp

Sources used:
-Foobar with Wasapi output
-Spotify Premium
-Qobuz (Flac Streaming Service)

Compared to
Sennheiser HD558 and HD595
Grado SR80E and SR225E

Build Quality:
The DT990 structure consist of mostly metal and hard plastic.
Mine is still in a mint condition after 2500+ hours of use and abuse, i would say the build quality is top notch.

The cord is sturdy and of good quality.
Its also a very heavy cord wich in some situations can pull on you.

Second most comfartable headphone i ever worn.
The most comfortable headphones for me are the Steelseries 5H V2, yes those cheap quality gaming things.
The DT 990's are very comfortable though, i can wear them all day long without any problems.
These DT 990's are more comfortable to me then Sennheiser 595's wich are rather comfortable to.
These DT 990's also dont sweat. they can be a bit warm in a hot summer but they dont make you sweat excessively.

You have to relay the cord so it wont pull on you, if its does its not very comfortable.

Sound Quality
Here is where it gets fun, FUN is how to describe the DT 990.
The DT 990 matches really well with Game, Film and other orchestral music, epic music...fun music.
The DT 990 has an anhanced bass with alot of impact, slight recessed mids and slightly enhanced highs wich gives "epic" music a truly "epic" experience
The DT 990 also goes really well with basicly anything electronic like 70's/80's disco, Kraftwerk, EDM, Dub Step and such

The DT 990 does OK in all other music to except for very bad recordings (the enchanced bass can make things sound muddy and to dark sometimes)
Also some songs that are really foused on the vocals could do better, not that its bad, vocals can sound great but sometimes you wish you just had more of it.
In 80% of my music i do prefer the DT 990 compared to my other headphones (HD 558, HD 595, SR80E, SR225E)

Also even with the slight recessed mids/vocals the song: John Denver - Annie's song sounds best on my DT 990.
The 990's truly give a huge impact to all his emotions in that song, give's me chills everytime.

Of all these headphones the DT 990 also has the biggest soundstage.
Soundstage of the DT 990 is huge IMO and 1 of the things i love about it so much.

Also another thing i have to say is (you dont see many reviews talk about this) that the channel seperation (stereo image) is great on the DT 990.
Details/difference's between left and right where easiest to tell on the DT 990 for me.

I started out with the DT 990 connected to a Creative Xi-Fi HD.
Sounded ok, the fun sounding aspects of the 990 where there and could drive them to reasonable volume before it distoted.

I then upgraded to an STX
The STX gave it a good boost, especially in volume and clarity at low volume.

I then got a headphone amplifier, a Pro-ject headbox II so i could hook it up to my Musical Fidelity V-DAC + V-PSU II.
This made all the characteristics of the DT 990 come out even more, more detail, deeper bass with even more impact and able to drive them to deafening levels.

I then upgraded to a Lehmann Audio Linear.
Bass now went even deeper, not more impact though... maybe even less but for sure more defined.
Highs alot more detailed but not to harsh.
Mids seemed even more recessed (lower in volume) but somehow got a bit more detail.
Detail at low vulume seemed alot easier to hear and high volume seemed alot more pleasent on the ears, able to play at higher volume's before my ears got tired of it then before. (i reckon because of less distortion at those higher volume levels)

The great thing about all this is that a 150$ DT 990 seems to scale with almost anything.
They aways sounded great with any amp/dac and each gave a noticeable improvement.

All this make's the 990 sound awesome doesnt it ?
Well the 990 is !
It is for us people that like to LISTEN to music.
This headphone really isnt suited for studio use, its not flat and/or neutral at all.
In a studio you dont want a headphone that gives everything a deep impact and has recessed mids compared to other freqeuncies.
So if your looking to buy these for studio use, dont !

If your looking for a fun allround good headphone with lots of comfort that will last for years then get the DT 990, infact you should have gotten it yesterday !
IMO, this is the best headphone anyone could start with.
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms

To an outsider, the DT 990 Pro headphones might look like those big muffy things airline workers wear out on the runways while they're holding those orange cone thingies and/or throwing around your luggage. To anyone into audio or "in the know" in general, the DT 990 Pro headphones, however, create instant jealousy. These are highly sought-after headphones for a number of reasons. Primarily because they sound unbelievable. And when we say unbelievable, we mean they're extraordinarily neutral... just natural and revealing. If you're mixing down tracks, you can wear your pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones and it's like sitting in front of a pair of honest studio monitors.

FeatureOpen, diffuse-field systems Professional version of the often-awarded DT 990 Excellent sound reproduction Robust spring steel head band Single-sided cable Soft replaceable ear cushions, Gold-plated stereo mini jack and 1/4" adapter
ModelDT990 Pro Headphones
MPNDT990 Pro Headphones
TitleBeyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement566996660 DT990 Pro Headphones 459038
Package Height4.72 inches
Package Length8.9 inches
Package Weight1.28 pounds
Package Width8.74 inches
PartNumberDT990 Pro Headphones
Item Weight0.6 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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