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A Review On: BitFenix Shogun E-ATX Dual Tempered Glass Gaming Case with Asus Aura        SYNC RGB SSD Chroma , BFC-SOG-600-KKWSK-RP

BitFenix Shogun E-ATX Dual Tempered Glass Gaming Case with Asus Aura SYNC RGB SSD Chroma , BFC-SOG-600-KKWSK-RP

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Pros: Dual tempered glass, aluminium top and bottom, Chroma LEDs, modularity

Cons: front fan filter


General Specifications




Like most cases, the Bitfenix Shogun features a black printed on cardboard box. The box details most of the best highlights and on the other side a big "Shogun" logo. Styrofoam sides protect the case as well as a plastic back for dust.



We see more protection methods when we remove the styrofoam and plastic bag. Closed cell foam protects the top and bottom aluminium panels. (Aluminium, what? Really? Yup. A case under 200$ with top and bottom aluminium panels). The front is clean with the Bitfenix aluminium (Aluminium, again? Yup.) badge. This is already feeling like a heck of a sturdy case, let's see if it has more to offer.

The back is clean and features a 120/140mm fan slot. For the tempered glass(es) we see something different, something I personally like very much. They are cut at an angle giving the case a more aggresive look while keeping it clean. Both glasses are protected with static cling plastic, great, but why can't I see behind the back one? I though you said it was glass, you must be asking. Well hold your shorts son, this cases back tempered glass is actually painted behind so that you cannot see through it.

I told someone like a year or two ago to do this on their In Win 805 quite a while back and they thought it was a genius idea, now Bitfenix caught on and did this. Win. Imagine having tons of cable on the back and just needing to press them and screw in those four thumbs screws to hide the back, ezpz cable management. No more fuss about putting on the back panels with tons of cables. Bitfenix even has something else to help cable management, which I'll cover later.

Rear I/O


Not really much to say here appart from the epic packaging protection Bitfenix did with this case. It features the usual 120/140mm fan slot, 7 expansion slots and slightly off centered PSU slot.

Front Details


Gorgeous Bitfenix aluminium bages, oh yes. I love the feel of the one on my Bitfenix Prodigy and I think Bitfenix should keep these for quite a time to come, they're great, clean, modern looking and pretty. The front I/O itself features (from left to right) headphone, microphone, 2 x USB 2.0, power buttom, 2 x USB 3.0, RGB light changing button and reset button.

Interior (Oh, yes!)


When I first saw the interior of the case, I was like duuuuuuude, but then I was like sweeeeeeeeeeeet, for every single feature, seriously. Foam padding for the tempered glass, easy to use thumbs screws (not as easy as the In Win 303, but with the foam, it's different than other cases (in a good way). Three long GPU supports (all modular), foamed to protect your expensive GPU investement and two, two visible hard drive caddies. (more later!)

Tempered Glasses


I know I talked about these earlier, but they needed their own sub-section. You can see on my white table what both look like, the tinted one is not too tinted, and not too light, it's (do I dare say it? Yup.) perfect. It's in a shade of black, not in the brown/yellows like the Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. And the back one, like I said earlier, is painted black on one side.



When we remove that rear glass, we see a great layout. We find another drive caddy on the bottom, for a total of 6 possible 3.5" drives. Two 2.5" drive caddies, the RGB chroma SSD controller (which is expandable to more strips), three hook and loop straps, but if we take another look at the specs, is says 6+5 2.5" drive bays? we get 6 from the 3.5" caddies, 2 from the rear and 2 from the SSD Chroma bracket, where's that other one? I'll show you later-ish wink.gif . Grommeted cable passthroughs and one thing I cannot say enough, this case has a whopping 25mm of rear space for cables. I think I've been asking this from all case manufacturers in my reviews, I'm giving so many points to Bitfenix for this case, they did everything right, almost.

I/O Cables


We find the normal connectors, USB 3.0 and 2.0, HD Audio, power, reset, HDD LED, power LED and three fan connectors. The LED controller requires a single Molex connector.

Naked Case


I had to move my review upstairs, this case is so modular that I didn't have enough room in my usual review room to spread out all the parts. In total we have (from left to right) Three, two 3.5" drive cages (can hold 2.5" drives too), three GPU brackets, a pump bracket, three single SSD bracket (OHHHHHH this is where the last one mounts too, it's actually mounted hidden on the floor of the case!), optional cover for EATX motherboards or just to hide the open spot in the case, chroma bracket with the two SSD caddies, rear bezel, front and top bezels with the PSU filter.

This brings me to the single thing that I did not appreciate from a case like this, it has no removable front fan filter and the air intake is done by the side slots. It does have a filter, but you will need to remove the whole front and clean it instead of just the filters, not really a deal breaker, but something to consider.

Now, all these modular parts on the left can be mounted anywhere in the front on the rails, this is Be Quiet Dark Base 900 levels of modularity (almost).



Hardware used
i7 3820
Phononic Hex 2.0
ASUS Rampage IV Formula
16GB Corsair Dominator GT
Gigabyte 1060 6GB WF OC
Two 3.5" Hard drive
Two 2.5" SSDs
Antec HCP-1300
CableMod extensions
Corsair AF120 QE on all fan slots

I choose to use the Chroma SSD bracket, one 3.5" dual bay and the EATX panel. The build was very easy to do, cable management is so easy in this case. Bitfenix even included extra LEDs for the build, which are gorgeous and both magnetic and have a 3M two sided tape applied that you can use if wanted.


I give this case the following score

Aesthetics - 9.5/10
Features - 9.5/10
Costs - 10/10
Quality - 10/10

For a total of 97.5%. I found no flaw in the case, none. MSRP is under $150 (near $130 at places!), for extensive modularity, dual tempered glass and aluminium, this is epic. As far as features go with the added front fan filter, it would've scored 10 here too. I feel with slight improvements, this could be a case that other manufactuers could aim to acheive in all aspects. This case is the single best case I've ever reviewed, period.


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