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BitFenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-23030B-RP Blue LED Case Fan

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Pros: Quiet

Cons: Expensive. Dissapointing airflow. Flimsy. Limited case compatibility. Poor balance. Useless screws. LED's not even. Not an HDB.

I bought these fans as a replacement for my CM Storm Force 200 mm fans. I was really excited to receive these fans. But ultimately they have been a disappointment.

The first thing that struck me about these fans was how flimsy they felt when I pulled them out the box. The Dual Frame design on the 120 and 140 Specter pro's might have a benefit. But there certainly isn't on a fan like this. It only makes the fan feel cheap and bendy. But I still had high hopes for this fan. I could overlook the flimsy frame, if the airflow was better than my outgoing fans. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. The airflow seems less than the Force 200's. Not to mention the impeller has terrible wobble. It's very unbalanced. The LED's are not evenly spaced apart. So it makes the fan look odd. It's not 230mm. It's more a 185mm fan with a 230mm frame. The diameter of the impeller is actually smaller than the force 200 impeller. The screws that I got would not be of much use to me as they are nowhere near long enough to go through the other side of the mounting holes. And due to the size of the frame, the case compatibility is very limited. The bearing is also not HDB. It's a normal sleeve bearing. I bought these fans with the intention of modding the frames so it would fit in my Phantom 820. But ultimately that won't be happening.

The only positive I can think of is that these fans are quiet. I don't have expensive equipment. But my ears can tell the difference between loud and quiet. And my hands can feel the difference between more and less. And I would approximate that the fan pushes probably 60%-70% of the Force 200's airflow for probably half the sound foot print. I would put this down to probably the wider blades on the Bitfenix.

Ultimately avoid this fan. It's expensive and pretty much not worth your time. My force 200's were starting to get a bit noisy and rattly. I imagine the bearings are giving out. But I would rather try and service the Force 200's and eek a bit more life out of them than deal with these fans. For the price I paid I really hoped to be receiving a quality product. But that isn't the case. Long live the Force 200! King of 200mm fans! If you want a 200mm fan try find yourself a Force 200. I know the aren't in production anymore. But they are still the best 200 out there. Its slower brother the Megaflow is also pretty good too. But it pushes less air than this Specter Pro.
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BitFenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-23030B-RP Blue LED Case Fan

Following the success of our SpectreTM Fan Series, Spectre ProTM ups the ante with an all-new design and enhanced performance. The high pressure and CFM design produces wicked cooling and is also perfect for water cooling setups. Its dual ring construction not only looks great, but also helps to dampen vibrations that cause unnecessary noise. Reinforced fan blades prevent warping at high RPM levels, while focused airflow ensures cool air can reach all of your installed components. With FDB technology for low noise and long life, availability in both LED and non-LED varieties, and on-the-fly light switching, Spectre Pro is the new gold standard in performance case fans.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureDimensions (mm): 230x200x30mm Current (A): 0.41A ±10% Speed (RPM): 900 RPM ±10% Air Flow (CFM): 156.27 CFM ±10% Noise (dB-A): 25.6 dB(A)
TitleBitFenix Spectre Pro 230mm LED Series Fan - Blue BFF-LPRO-23030B-RP
Item Height7.87 inches
Item Length9.06 inches
Item Width1.18 inches
Package Height1.3 inches
Package Length10.2 inches
Package Weight0.8 pounds
Package Width8.3 inches
ProductGroupPC Accessory
UPCList - UPCListElement886027004494
Item Weight1 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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