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Life Is Grand On Pandora....

A Review On: Borderlands 2 PC Game 2K Games

Borderlands 2 PC Game 2K Games

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Pros: Action-Packed, Humorous, Beautiful Environments, "Complete"

Cons: Resource Heavy (at times), Buggy Menus, Addictive & Addictive

Borderlands 2 is my first Borderlands game. My first "loot-gathering" game. Or, as our fellow OCN member insanityrocks puts it: "A mash up of RPG + FPS." Most of the games I've played have been First Person Shooters. But after having seen some of the promotions for Borderlands 2 prior to it's release and watching a few live streams of actual game play, I knew I had to take a chance on it. And I am so glad I did.

My first time Playing Borderlands 2 was like my first time playing HALO or Call of Duty 4: I felt like I'd found a true gem. A game truly worthy of my attention and efforts. Borderlands 2 did not and, has not, disappointed me. It's a great game. Thoroughly entertaining.

The character mechanics are smooth. Movements fluid. And the environments in the game can be flat-out mesmerizing in some instances. Gear Box did an amazing job with Borderlands 2. The game's art style coupled with the maturity of the Unreal Engine make for some really nice eye candy in-game. Aside from rooting around for loot or hidden items, I often find myself roaming freely through areas just admiring the amount of creativity put into the level design.

Being new to the Borderlands I took it slow and got my bearings playing a few missions alone. I was immersed in the sense of mission the game gave me and, laughed out loud countless times at the utterly hilarious dialogue within the game. (Seriously, this game can be really funny at times)

But, where Borderlands 2 really shines is in it's co-op game play. That old axiom "The More The merrier" holds true in Borderlands 2 co-op play. The enemies are more plentiful, more resilient and the loot is better for everyone with each additional player added to the party. Borderlands 2 co-op really ratchets up the excitement level for everyone. Nothing like sharing hearty laughter with friends while shooting insane midgets who are on fire or, Psycho Marauders who want to steal your gear in the Borderlands...good times.... Good times indeed.

The only issue with Borderlands 2 is there seems to be a problem with it somewhere causing it to pummel peoples' systems into submission in certain instances. Even some of the more powerful pc's on OCN have encountered this issue--fps drops in some areas of the game. Most fingers point towards the PhysX implemented in the game. I'm not sure myself. It hasn't hampered my own, personal, enjoyment of the game one bit. But it is a real issue and for that I am taking a half a flame away from my total score of the game. I'm sure Gear Box will be releasing future patches to address the issue and, when they do, I'll drop back in here and revise my score.

I highly recommend this game to everyone of age to play it. Borderlands 2 is a great game.


It's not a "hoarder-type" game. You aren't meant to hoard anything really. You just loot as much as you can and constantly sell things for small upgrades you find. It does seriously get old after awhile and the interface is absolutely terrible. Its saving grace is the excellent co-op aspect, humor, and the DLC is usually pretty good. Also I don't have seem any problems in any situation running it completely maxed out with a 4.5GHz 3770K and a 1250MHz 4GB 680 at 2560x1440.
It's not a "hoarder-type" game. Noted. Edited. The problem I refer to is the one that started after the dlc was released. Lots of people still experiencing big frame drops in BL2. The update they released hasn't really fixed it yet. Hopefully soon though. Thank you for the input.
Thanks for your review, +crashdummy35. Though i'm (still) on the PS3, I experienced the same frame-drop, laggy play in the original BL. I'm still anxious to play BL2, though. I like the game mash-up of BL: RPG + FPS.
I Couldn't have said it any better. One of the funniest games I've played and the art style is just stunning. Cant put it down

Im also one of the ones that hasnt seen any of the FPS problems, I dont know if i got lucky or what. I do hope they patch it though, hate seeing people with awesome rigs not being able to enjoy the game.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

InsanityRocks, good to hear from you again. I like your description of the game's style: "RPG + FPS" and, if you don't mind, I will add that into my review. Borderlands 2 is definitely worth the purchase price. I have yet to play the original but, I always hear that BL2 is a step forward where many of the previous game's issues have been addressed and greatly improved upon.

Ta2Punk, indeed: BL2's art style is like a breath of fresh air ... a break from the pursuit of photo realism in game graphics. It's also a nice reminder that originality and great story can power one game beyond another with plenty of flash but no "meat on it's bones." Look forward to playing with you again some time.
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