CaseLabs M10


Pros: 100% customisable, great build quality, huge, nice-looking, great customer service

Cons: Needs a screwdriver to use

I got this case for use with my new X79 build. I wanted to stop buying a new case every 6 months because I got bored of the old one or outgrew it... suffice to say I think it will be a long time before I get bored with my M10!

This case is awesome. The square format looks really nice, and the build quality is immaculate - Jim has done a great job. While you do need a screwdriver for many elements of the case, it means everything is held together very strongly.

For water cooling the split design - with PSU and radiators on one side and electronics on the other - is a godsend. I can fit two RX360s in the PSU side with tons of space to spare.

I love this case. If you're searching for a case you'll never replace, get one of these. The M8/M10 is a nice size IMO - the TH10 is a little too large for my liking at present.
CaseLabs M10

CaseLabs M10

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