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My First CaseLabs product

A Review On: CaseLabs M8

CaseLabs M8

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Pros: Exceptional build quality, Excellent and personal customer service, Extraordinary price for the quality of the product, VERY customizable.

Cons: Price is not for the "Casual" user.

First thing I would like to say is this case is just amazing. Jim (the wonder behind CaseLabs) has gotten me hooked on his products and so long as CaseLabs is in business I will only use his cases in my personal future builds. Now onwards to the review:

I'll start with the description of the product.
Features (standard equipment)

All aluminum construction - .090" (2.3mm) chassis .063"(1.6mm) doors/covers
Choice of ventilated or solid doors and covers (on a panel by panel basis).
Slide out MB tray.
Choice of one HDD cage assembly (4 drive capacity): either standard or Flex-Bay mount. Note that the flex-bay mount deletes one of the 3U bay covers.
Choice of hex mesh or 40mm fan holes on MB back plate.
Dual PSU mounts (Support bracket available: MAC-123)
Integrated radiator/fan mount
Four single bay filler plates and two triple bay cover plates.
Filler plates for top and bottom radiator openings, 40mm fan openings on MB tray (if selected), PCI slots, and one PSU.
Four sets of mounting brackets for 5.25” devices (MAC-125)
Lamptron anti-vandal style switches (power & reset) and wiring harnesses: blue ring for power and red dot for HDD activity. They are standard switches that can be easily swapped out for custom color combinations.
Four rubber feet with screws (casters are available: MAC-107).
Misc. hardware: Thumbscrews, MB standoffs, Tie-wraps, etc.
Available in black matte or white gloss

Case Configuration Options:

ATX Layout: Standard (N/C), Reverse (20.00)
MB Door: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Std. Window (15.00), XL Window (20.00)
PSU Door: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Std. Window (15.00), XL Window (20.00)
Top Cover: Ventilated (N/C), Solid (N/C), Tall Ventilated 64mm (25.00), Tall Solid 64mm (25.00), Tall Ventilated 85mm (35.00), Tall Solid 85mm (35.00)
MB Back Plate: Fan Holes (N/C), Hex Mesh (N/C)
HDD Cage Assy: Standard (N/C), Flex-Bay (N/C)


Size: 15"W x 19.06"H x 20.06"D (381mm x 484mm x 510mm)
PCI Slots: 8
Form Factor: mATX - ATX/EATX (12.0" x 10.75”) (305mm x 273mm)
Max Radiator Size: 120.3
Radiator Clearance Above the MB Tray: 100mm
Radiator Clearance Below the MB Tray: 52mm
Cooling Tower Clearance: 180mm
Flex-Bays (5.25” Bays): 10
HDD Capacity: 12 (24 using Flex-Bays)
Weight: 19 lbs.

Note: Sizes shown are for the case only. Rubber feet add .75" (19mm) to height, optional casters add 2.63" (67mm).

Please note the the 120mm holes on the PSU side are for HDD mounts and are not spaced for a radiator.

The description was taken directly from their online store. I received my case with the solid MB door, ventilated PSU door, standard Ventilated top, and a standard HDD bay. I've since purchased an extra flex-mount bay and sometime I'll be ordering other parts to expand my PC. I also watercool, I'll soon have 2 radiators in the case and I'll be no where near filling it. For the person just getting into "high-end" geekdom this is a wonderful case - and it's the baby of the bunch. I do look forward to getting another case from them sometime down the road for a more expansive build. I highly recommend their products, please check them out in the Vendor forums here on OCN.


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