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CaseLabs Magnum SMH10


Pros: Has massive amounts of space, light aluminum frame that is very rigid, and very mod friendly.

Cons: It's large, expensive, and the manual for assembly isn't that great.

If you've ever needed a full tower that's a little smaller than the STH10, this is certainly the case for you. It features a wide array of options, varying from different window sizes, fans next to the PCI slots, and abilities to mount radiators in more places than you'll ever need.

I bought this case coming from the old CoolerMaster HAF-X, and from what I had seen from all the build logs and raving about CaseLabs, I had a lot to expect- and boy did they deliver. The case came perfectly flat packed, and assembling wasn't the easiest thing because the manual wasn't worded too well, but it came together perfectly. Some notable features are the removable motherboard tray, fan spacings that are modular, as well as the ability to mount accessories all over the accessory mount that is offered as an option on the CaseLabs store.

For the size of this beast, if you know how much space dual 7970's, and a Rampage IV Extreme take up, this thing swallows it. And there's room to spare as well, enough for a 560mm radiator in the basement (dual 560mm rads if you mount the PSU with the accessory mount). There's also space for a 360mm radiator in the front (maybe even a 480mm rad, it'd depend on the thickness). As well, with the stock top you can mount a slim 480mm radiator. With the additional tops available, you can even fit a "Monsta" 80mm thick radiator in the top.

There's ample room on the cable management side, and space to mount 4 SSD's, and 2 hard drives with the stock mounts, and a single 3.5in device. I have never had a single problem with mounting any cables, or devices in the back of the case.

All in all, despite its steep $500+ base price, this is possibly the best case you could buy. Frankly any CaseLabs case is the best case you can buy, period. But if you're looking for something that's better than a TJ11, here's your best choice. Here are my options I selected, along with pictures of my build.

  • Color: Matte Black
  • Motherboard Tray: XL-ATX
  • ATX Layout: Standard
  • MB Door: XL Window
  • Window Color: Clear
  • Top Cover: Ventilated (Standard)
  • Lower Chamber Covers : Ventilated
  • PCI Backplate: Hex Mesh
  • Flex-Bay Covers: Ventilated (I requested a single solid triple bay cover)
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CaseLabs Magnum SMH10

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