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CaseLabs Magnum STH10

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Pros: Very large case with endless expansion possibilities

Cons: Takes up a lot of SPACE! lol

Very well made case with endless water cooling possibilities. I know that I will have this case for years and when I want to upgrade I will never worry about space. I picked up one new from someone local secondhand for $350 with a 480 rad mount and some other extras. . But now that I own one I would pay full price for my next CL case!thumb.gif

I do recommend getting a pedestal and some HD casters. Its a tall case and I would be pretty unhappy if my multi thousand dollar equipment took a spill.

CL as a company is very good, fast shipping and very personalized service ( as well it should be if your dropping $1000 on a case and accessories lol)
CaseLabs Magnum STH10

The STH10 is available “flat-packed” (unassembled) to save on shipping or fully assembled. Both XL-ATX and HPTX form factors are available (exterior case dimensions are the same). Features (standard equipment): •All aluminum construction - .090" (2.3mm) chassis .063"(1.6mm) doors/covers •Slide out MB tray with Tech Station conversion kit •Dedicated Mounts for 2 HDD’s and 4 SSD’s plus one 3.50” Bay •Quad PSU mounts (Support bracket available: MAC-123) •Extensive room behind the MB tray for wire & tubing management. •Two single bay filler plates and five triple bay cover plates •Filler plates for top and bottom radiator openings, MB Chamber and 40mm fan openings on MB tray (if selected), PCI slots, and three PSU covers •Four sets of standard device mounts for 5.25” devices (MAC-125) •Lamptron anti-vandal style switches (power & reset) with fully sleeved wiring harnesses: blue ring for power and red dot for HDD activity. They are standard switches that can be easily swapped out for custom color combinations. •Four rubber feet with screws (casters are available: MAC-107) •Misc. hardware: Thumbscrews, MB standoffs, Tie-wraps, etc. •Available in black matte, white matte and gray primer (gray primer is not a cosmetic finish) Specifications: •Size: 32.25"H x 26.56"D x 11.25"W (819mm x 675mm x 286mm) •PCI Slots: 10 •Form Factor: XL-ATX (MB tray dimension: 13.60” x 10.75”) or HPTX (MB tray dimension 13.60" x 15.00” - 346mm x 381mm) •Max Radiator Size – Upper Chamber Side: 120.4 (Mounts not included) •Max Radiator Size – Upper Chamber Top: 140.4 or 180.3 (Mount not included) •Max Radiator Size – Lower Chamber Side: 140.4 (Mounts not Included) •Cooling Tower Clearance: 180mm •Flex-Bays (5.25” Bays): 17 •HDD Capacity: 2 native (22 using Flex-Bays) plus 4 native SSD’s •Weight: 32 lbs. Compartment sizes (inside frame dimensions): Upper: 26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 6.41"(163mm) Middle: 26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 17.44"(443mm) Lower: 26.00"(660mm) x 9.70"(246mm) x 7.41"(188mm) Inside width door/covers: 11.12"(282mm)

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