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CaseLabs Mercury S3

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #92 in Computer Cases


Pros: Build Quality. Flexibilty. Space.

Cons: Price (IF that is a thing for what you are buying)

Alright well this is now my second Caselabs review. My first review was on the Caselabs S8.

The case came in standard thick cardboard box with foam coating the inside. The case was pre-assembled (S8 was not) and wrapped in thick plastic with windows covered in protective paper. I can't complain about how it arrived because I opened the box, tore into it and was ready to build. The entire case was flawless, no dents or chips. Each item that was included came individually packaged in small plastics bags and clearly labeled with what they are for i.e. SSD/HDD mounting, spare parts, Motherboard stand offs and screws. There were no instructions since it was pre-build nor did I need any figure out how SSD/HDD were installed.

The Build:
My first step in building this PC was to strip everything off of the case to make it just the bare bone frame. I took off the flexbay, panels, SSD/HDD mounts. It opened up the inside and I just started doing it section by section. PSU>SSD>HDD>MB>Flexbay>Wiring. I am 6'6" and have large hands, with this being a 3 slot ITX I really encountered no issues until it came to final cable management as the lower chamber did become 'full' fast with fan extension, and my custom cables.

This is a short review as the case says it all it self. I mean the price can be expensive but you honestly get what you pay for. It is the best case I have owned (same as S8). The frame is all CNC, light weight and tough. It would take me some serious effort to truly damage or bend any piece to this build. The best overall part is how modular this case is. Say you change your mind on a certain panel being a certain color, there is no issue taking just that panel off and painting it or ordering a new one. All the panels/windows/vents are sturdy and pop off with a rewarding and tactile click-pop.
Inside this case there is plently of room to do a full custom water loop especially if you buy the extra pedestal but for me it wall all air and I had plenty of room for the massive Noctua NH-D14 cooler and room to spare. Really for an ITX case the possiblities are endless.

Cases I have worked with (Caselabs are now my favorite):
-Caselabs S8
-Caselabs S3
-Inwin GROne
-Corsair 750D
-Corsair 650D
-Corsair Air 540
-Parvum S2
-Bitfenix Prodigy
-Phanteks Enthoo Primo
-Silverstone TJO8-E

Below are links to the store page and my personal build log of the case that has a pictures of it.
A+, 10/10, Two Thumbs up


My options for reference are:
Flexbay 120.2
Standard Window
Standard Window with ventilation
PSU Support (not needed but peace of mind)
Top window
Drop in mount with no drop in.
Gunmetal all around
CaseLabs Mercury S3

CaseLab's fist ITX computer case uses a horizontal motherboard layout and is specifically tailored for watercooling enthusiasts. Aluminum Construction: The case is made using heavy gauge all aluminum construction. Unlike some imports using thin aluminum (.040” - 1mm), our case frames are made from .090” (2.3mm) for a case that can stand up to the rigors of large scale water cooling and frequent system tear-downs. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, dissipates heat better, and is easier to mod. Quick Access: The doors and covers can be removed in seconds to facilitate access and minimize the chance of damaging exterior panels during a build. The side, front and top covers snap on and off – no screws to slow you down or get lost. The “cover over frame” design allows the frame to be modified as needed without affecting the appearance of the completed build. Removable Motherboard Plate: The entire motherboard plate lifts out making MB and cooling block installation a breeze. The motherboard is mounted horizontally providing extremely easy access during setup and testing and the ultimate in component stability. Mod Friendly: The S3 was designed for modders. The case is screwed to together so it can be completely broken down. Each case component will available separately, so feel free to cut, drill and mod without fear of “destroying” the case. Flex-Bay System: Almost every case on the market today has a fixed structure at the front of the case - maybe four or five 5.25" bays on top, a 3.5" bay below that and HDD cages below that. What if that layout doesn't work for you? We've all seen people who have had to mod their cases (sometimes irreversibly) to fit things like radiators. With our Flex-Bay System, you can design that superstructure to be anything you need, put things wherever you want and change it as often as you like, within minutes. In that respect, you become the case designer. We have a wide array of Flex-Bay adapters and mounts, so you have complete freedom to design it just the way you need it. Click here for pictures and more information about the Flex-Bay System. Accessory Mounting System: If you ever wished that you could put a fan in a particular spot or needed a surface to mount something to, our Accessory Mounting System will make your life much easier. By using the holes around the perimeter of the case, or by using vertical or horizontal accessory mounts, you can place fans, reservoirs, pumps, and more, exactly where you want them (maybe just a flat plate to cover up messy cables). We have a wide variety of plates and fan mounts for almost every need. Click here for more information about the Accessory Mounting System. Drop-in/Side Radiator Mounts: If you have ever mounted a push-pull radiator inside a case, you know what a pain it can be. Our optional drop-in and side mounts (pedestal) let you assemble the whole thing on your desktop and install it as a single assembly into your case.

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