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CaseLabs Nova X2M


Pros: Durable, Flexible, Modular, Large ITX, Build Quality

Cons: Large ITX, Price (if that is a things)


This is now my 3rd review of a CL chassis, my first was on the S8, 2nd was on the S3. Review is very similiar to the S3.

The case came in standard thick cardboard box with foam coating the inside. The case was pre-assembled, S3 was, S8 was not and wrapped in thick plastic with windows covered in protective paper. I can't complain about how it arrived because I opened the box, tore into it and was ready to build. The entire case was flawless, no dents or chips. Each item that was included came individually packaged in small plastics bags and clearly labeled with what they are for i.e. SSD/HDD mounting, spare parts, Motherboard stand offs and screws. There was a small CL instruction manual at this moment I have not looked at it, I do not think anyone buying a CL chassis will need it as they are probably a experianced builder.

When building in the X2M I started by taking off all the panels so that I had a bare frame to work with. Took out the motherboard tray, it is removed via 4 nuts on the back side and is removed from that back. It is not the same as the other big full ATX chassis that CL sells. It is sort of the style the the S3/S5/S8 have. Once I got the motherboard in I went right back into place with no hiccups, there is also a sleek back plate to the tray that allows for two SSDs to mounted (I did not use in my build). There are two standard cut outs on the top and bottom of the tray incase you go standard or reversed. I went reversed, I have the Asrock X99 ITX/ac so it took a little working to get the 24pin throught that whole, intended for maybe a fan or two anda 8 pin CPU. Not a big deal to me, there are also no rubber grommets around the holes. They cut that back to save on cost since this is more of their budget ITX, again I did not mind, made the 24pin easier to get into place. After I go the MB and 24 pin in place I installed the PSU. This caused me some issues because I have a EVGA G2 1300watt so it took up most of the space that would noramlly be left to route cable through to get into the back side. I then moved to install the Corsair H75 in push as exhaust on the CPU, no issues there, very straight forward installation. I installed two SSDs on the back side of the case where SSD/HDD can be mounted, it was a easy install after removing the blanking plate, The GPU experianced zero sag to me IMO. I am running a Titan X with stock cooler, my custom cables are not as long as I would like for this so it took some special routing but looks perfect to me now.

This is a short review as the case says it all it self. I mean the price can be expensive but you honestly get what you pay for. It is the best case I have owned (same as S3 and S8). The frame is all CNC, light weight and tough. It would take me some serious effort to truly damage or bend any piece to this build. The best overall part is how modular this case is. Say you change your mind on a certain panel being a certain color, there is no issue taking just that panel off and painting it or ordering a new one. All the panels/windows/vents are sturdy and pop off with a rewarding and tactile click-pop.
Inside this case there is plently of room to do a full custom water loop which I will be adding to it in the future.

I cannot say enough how much I love CL chassis. It took awhile to get because CL is slammed with orders but it is worth the wait IMO.

Cases I have worked with (Caselabs are now my favorite):
-CaseLabs Nova X2M
-CaseLabs S8
-CaseLabs S3
-Inwin GROne
-Corsair 750D
-Corsair 650D
-Corsair Air 540
-Parvum S2
-Bitfenix Prodigy
-Phanteks Enthoo Primo
-Silverstone TJO8-E

Below are links to the store page and my personal build log of the case that has a pictures of it.
A+, 10/10, Two Thumbs up

http://www.overclock.net/t/1536966/build-log-x2m-arrived-alriana-x99-itx-titan-x-nova-x2m-ensourced Pictures are on page 71

Feel free to post or PM if you have questions or require some more pictures, I am more then happy to help a fellow OCN member!
CaseLabs Nova X2M

* All aluminum construction * mITX and mATX form factors * Reversible * Full-size PSU support * Supports full length video cards (2.5 slot cards okay) * 240/280 radiator support in the roof with 55mm clearance * 170mm cooling tower clearance * 55mm of radiator clearance above motherboard (in a standard configuration) * Removable motherboard plate * Flex-Bay system * Screwed together chassis * Quick release exterior (This was taken from the Nova line thread on OCN)

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