CaseLabs ST10


Pros: Spacious and very well manufactured

Cons: Large, heavy

Going from typical store-bought cases to a CaseLabs case is a huge step up in both case quality and modularity. The CaseLabs ST10 is considered more of a midsize CaseLabs case, but midsize in this sense is very large. In looking for a case, I was mostly interested in being able to fit large amounts of radiator space inside, and the ST10 fit that perfectly. I was able to fit 2 420mm radiators and a 480mm radiator all inside the case, without a pedestal, and I was able to add a 3rd 420mm radiator after adding a pedestal to the case. One of the major upsides to any CaseLabs case is the modularity. Large quantities of options are available to fit almost any need, including radiator mounts, hard drive mounts, and more.

First, I would like to talk about the removable motherboard tray. A great feature for any power user or system builder, the motherboard tray is able to move from the inside of the case to a table top or other area for working on anything involving the motherboard, including removing and installing PCI cards, GPUs, CPUs, and more before moving everything into the case. This allows the user to get components installed onto the motherboard before simply sliding the tray back in to continue the build.

Next up is flex bays. Flex bay is a term CaseLabs uses to mention the 5.25" bays on their cases. With many accessories available, the simple 5.25" bays become almost anything you could want, from a place to store hard drives or radiators, to fan mounts for circulating more air. Not only do the accessories allow the user to place almost anything into the 5.25" bays, the user is also able to place the accessories in nearly any spot along the front of the case, with blank placeholders for the empty spots. This allows almost limitless customization.

Finally, I would like to commend the build quality. All parts are very well powder coated to not only increase durability, but also to improve the aesthetic of the case. All parts fit perfectly together, and provide a very sturdy structure that can withstand quite a bit of force.

Overall, I would recommend the ST10 to anyone looking to build a large computer, or anyone that needs the radiator space for their build.
CaseLabs ST10

CaseLabs ST10 is one of the cases under the Merlin case line that was launched recently. It has the following case features: 1. Aluminum Construction 2. Quick Access (Doors and Covers) 3. Slide-out Motherboard Tray 4. Reversible 5. Mod Friendly 6. Flex-bay system 7. Accessory Mounting system 8. Drop-in/Side radiator mounts The complete features and specs are available on CaseLabs website:

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