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A Review On: Cerwin Vega Home Audio Xd3 2 Way Powered Desktop Speakers

Cerwin Vega Home Audio Xd3 2 Way Powered Desktop Speakers

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Pros: Small compact size with plenty of power for their size.

Cons: I wish they had a pre-amp output to add any optional powered subwoofer for lower frequencies

I purchased the Cerwin-Vega XD3 about a year and a half ago, after buying a pair for my mom to use on her computer to replace basic cheap Dell desktop speakers. Around the time I learned that Cerwin-Vega released these self-powered speakers. Being a fan of their products since 1998 on their home audio line, and owning multiple models including the 1980's models today.

They will deliver some pretty nice bass for their size, I honestly never expected the amount they give for only having 3" woofers in them, but even woofers of that size are limited. Considering I have mid-ranges in my floor-standing towers larger than these. Though that's an entire different purpose and just for a pure size comparison. I like using these on the computer when I don't want to fire up the big system, and I don't feel I need to adjust anything. Sometimes I do want to turn down the bass when I want to listen at high volumes to avoid clipping, other wise they are pretty good at delivering room filling volumes with out reaching or being on the verge of reaching that point.

Our family business for example, at our office, they pump out more volume than what a business would truly EVER need. They still can't output what larger system's can in terms of SPL and lower frequencies, but they are definitely worth getting in my opinion for the size. Only thing I wish they had was a pre-amp output for you to hook a powered subwoofer up and stuff it somewhere out of the way.

They do include a switch on the back that boosts the bass a little bit, but I generally keep mine off.

Would I recommend these? Yes, especially if you like a nice SPL output for the size. thumb.gif


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