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Cherry MC 4000


Pros: light, good for fingertip grip, good cursor feeling

Cons: Only really usable on 1000 CPI, extra weight screwed in

[Overclock Labs] Cherry MC 4000 Review

Cherry offered two of their current office mice for review so I decided to give them both a shot. This review is for the wired MC4000 model.


The mouse offers two CPI steps indicated by the lighting, 1000 CPI (blue) and 2000 CPI (red), at 500 Hz.

Disclaimer: This review model was provided to me via Overclock Labs for review.


As this is an office mouse you can not expect fancy boxing, rather something practical and so it is. A plain white box with just the mouse and a manual in it.

What's included:
- Cherry MC 4000
- Manual





Weight & Shape

As many modern office mice it is rather small, meant for a fingertip kind of grip. In general I think the shape could work well for that, but the waist section of the mouse caves in a bit too much at the top where the side buttons are for my liking.

Weight: 94g (but there is weight inside, take that out and you go down to 80g)
Height: ~ 34.5 mm
Width: ~ 64.5 mm
Length: ~ 116 mm
Number of buttons: 6






How I grip the mouse



Of course shape is completely individual preference, so everyone has to try for himself in the end. The perfect shape for me might be horrible for others. So please keep the pictures of my grip in mind for comparison.

Sensor / Performance

As this is an office mouse I will not go into too much detail here. The sensor surprisingly is an A3050 which is a low end gaming sensor. At the 1000 CPI setting it has a PCS of 3 m/s and a malfunction speed somewhere higher, however I can’t determine that exactly. I’d say higher than 5 m/s.


On 2000 CPI that result is halved:


Polling rate is fixed on 500 Hz and stable


Judging by feeling I really like the cursor, which kind of surprised me.


There is no software to customise anything, so you are stuck with 1000 or 2000 CPI and 500 Hz.

Buttons / Scroll Wheel / Cable

Switches used are Huanos for all buttons, the wheel encoder is mechanical, but due to the main switch being so close to it I can’t see the brand. Scrolling feels good though. Middle click is pretty strong, I guess in the same range as the Logitech G Pro for example.
The cable is rubber and relatively stiff.

Build Quality

Pretty standard stuff, I didn’t find any terrible flaws. The clicks are alright, however I don’t like the shell design because when clicking at the outer edges you can press the button piece into the bottom shell as it bends.

Shot of the PCB

Top shell piece with 14g weight

Close up of sensor

Extra weight taken out


It should be noted that the weight also keeps the CPI button in place, so if you take it out that button wobbles a bit. Nothing terrible really.


On 1000 CPI the mouse works well and the cursor feels very good. I’m not a fan of the shape because it doesn’t fit my grip, however if the shape is ok for you I can even see this as a lightweight gaming mouse with the weight removed.
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Cherry MC 4000

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