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Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (SGM-2000-MLON1)

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Mice


Pros: Sensor performance, lightweight, unexpensive, nice quality

Perfect for righthanded clawgrippers.
The software works well.
The support team is always working in fixes for the LOD of this mouse.
Perfect tracking.
Perfect shape for clawgrippers.
The wheel is a little small but usable, the clicks are not as consistant as I would like.


Pros: Flawless Sensor, Pinkie Rest, Binding Changes stay without software.

Cons: Needs firmware update out of box.

This is an amazing mouse, once you update the firmware and turn off angle snapping the flawless sensor really shines. The design might look awkward but it's actually quite comfortable for most grip the only exception really being palm grip with larger hands. This mouse is great and if you are looking for a flawless sensor this is a great choice. All bindings, DPI settings, Polling rate settings and the angle snapping setting are saved on the mouse so the software is only require for initial setup if you don't want it running. I have no tracking problems like some people report but I use hard mouse pads.


Pros: Lightweight, shape, build-quality, sensor, switches, grips, rubberized finish...

Cons: It's red, humpless

This is the best mouse I have ever owned. Obviously I is subjective, and too many mice reviews attempt to be objective with something as particular as a person's hands. So - my hands are 8" from palm to middle fingertip, mostly palm. I have thinner hands. I hold mice in a sort of fingertip/claw grip - not over the mouse as with a claw nor as far back as a fingertip, but somewhere in-between. I mostly use my hand to move the mouse (not my arm or shoulder), playing at low sensitivities, and sometimes sit my wrest on my desk. So, I wanted a mouse that had the following features:

Feels like an extension of my hand - I don't want to feel like I'm using a tool to interact with my computer.
Smaller - for my grip! But it would be nice if it were somehow designed with a giant hump to arch up into my palm so I could rest my hand when I get tired.
Good optical sensor - I play FPS games casually but I think I'm pretty good so you know I need something that can keep up with my pro skillz.

I wasn't interested in macros or lights or extra buttons - just a mouse that met these demands. I've owned the following mice: Corsair M60, g9x, g500, g5, intellimouse 3.0, the infamous WMO and some other mice I don't remember. I've also played with an ikari and deathadder for some periods. I actually purchased the M60 at the same time as this mouse for comparison.

Other posts have said it all, but this is the best mouse ever if you're a fingertip/claw gripper. This mouse is like butter - I don't even feel like I'm using a mouse. I don't even hold the thing. On the rare occasion that I lift it the grips appear before my fingertips and when I have make a sudden push or slide the rubberized coating keeps the illusion up. I never think about how my hand is sitting, about reaching for a button or pushing hard enough, scrolling too far or lifting something that's sweaty or slick. It is like not using a mouse at all.

The sensor has been fixed with the latest beta of the firmware posted on these forums, but is sadly unavailable on CoolerMaster's site. Although not an issue for me, the LOD can be fixed with the common tape fix. It is no good for you palm grippers, I think it will be uncomfortable, but you know that. Also it is red. Last I checked the software still crashes when you apply settings while Google Chrome is open. Otherwise I take no issues with this product other than it's offensive color scheme, which is highly unusual for me. Buy this mouse and never regret it!

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Pros: price, mouse shape design, scroll wheel,

Cons: dust magnet, need firmware update to work,

This mouse feels very nice. It is a claw grip mouse, but if you have small hand you can also palm grip it. I would absolutely recommend this to small hand plam gripper and any size hand claw gripper. As for tracking, I am no expert in mouse, but it is smooth and I land my shots so w.e. The dpi setting are 800, 1800, 3500. I wish they allow you set custom dpi. You can turn prediction off. Looks sexy. The scroll was hard when I bought it but now it feels just right. The two thumb button are exactly where they should be, right above the thumb. As for complaint see other note.

Other Note
The stock firmware this mouse is ship with sucks (Rev 28). It is very twitchy. You have to update the firmware.
Now there are 3 you can update to 30a, 31, 32. Firmware 31 have a ridiculously low lod unusable in gaming. 32 is ok ONLY if the surface is 100% flat. The slightest bump or uneven cause the mouse to stop tracking or jump. 30a have high lod, but that is ok, you just need to place 1 layer of clear tape over the sensor to bring it down.
Cooler Master CM Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (SGM-2000-MLON1)

The Spawn gaming mouse is lightweight, ergonomically designed and forged with a reassuringly solid design. It is built for professional FPS gamers that prefer a claw grip. Engineered to execute precise in-game tactics, Spawn comes loaded with an ultra high-performance 3500 DPI sensor that includes on-the-fly adjustment, an ultra-step wheel encoder - providing extremely accurate scrolling, and Japanese-made Omron micro-switches that are meant to endure up to five million clicks. Presented in a eye-catching crimson red high-gloss finish, Spawn compliments a gamers setup by adding a truly breathtaking peripheral. Take part in the Spawn experience and pick one up today.

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BrandCooler Master
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TitleCooler Master CM Storm Spawn 3500 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (SGM-2000-MLON1)
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