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Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case - RC-1200-KKN1 - Black


Pros: gigantic, gorgeous, lots of connectivity choices on the front panel, built-in fan controller, built for the largest MoBos, the Mercedes of cases

Cons: a bit too much cables


I've had a lot of cases. A lot of people have the habit of cycling through video cards, well, I have the habit of cycling through cases. I want the biggest and the best. And I can tell you, I have finally found my match.
I want nothing else, except maybe until a Cosmos III were to come out and it would look/be even better.

But let me tell you something: this is NOT a portable case. What I mean by that is: you just put it on top of your desk for the whole world to see, and you leave it there. It's too heavy to move it around too often.

Remember the weight of any normal, everyday situation full-tower cases? Well, double that weight and in some cases you might still not get close to the weight of this behemoth!

But for guys like me, that doesn't really matter. What does matter is its sheer size and its gorgeousness. I can assure you, people, if you have friends coming over to your place and they notice your Cosmos II case, they'll be drooling all over it. It's gigantic. You cannot miss it, it would be like trying to look past a mountain.

It's also gorgeous, and that's mostly, I think, because of the materials used. It's really high quality, all of it.

The front has a blue 140mm LED fan installed, and it looks beautiful. The sliding door works with magnets. It moves down sloooowly, so if you hate that, that might be a minor setback for you, but only a minor one. Behind the sliding door, there are 3 5.25" slots, and 2 3.5" slots with locks. You'll get 4 keys (one for each lock + one spare for each lock) to secure these locks.

The Cosmos II's front I/O panel has 2 USB3.0 ports, 4 USB2.0 ports, 1 eSata ports underneath two audio ports.

The top is one of the more beautiful parts of the case. It's got yet another gorgeouslooking sliding panel. This one does require a bit more strength to slide, though, and I advise you to keep your hand firmly on the sliding panel while it slides, because it has a habit of sliding back with quite a punch near the end. Once the sliding panel is out of the way, you'll notice phone-like metal keypads, meant for fan control, and a power and reset button.

Seriously, I don't get why people complain about this. I've even read amateur reviews on newegg from people who said they actually replaced the fan controller because they so disliked it. Seriously, I don't get why you'd do that. It works, and it works well. Plus, it looks nice. I don't even have to look at the buttons (read: even when I sit as straight as I can - and I'm nearly two meters long - I can't see the top of the case, it's really that big!) to know which button I'm touching.

Behind the sliding panel is grating. And beneath that grating is room for a 360mm radiator. I haven't actually tried it out yet because I'm still busy saving for a WC set, but I know for a fact you can't put in every single 360mm radiator. That is, if you want a push/pull configuration. Although obviously there are still a great many slim 360mm radiators on the market to fit your needs.

But THE most gorgeous featurre, I find, of the Cosmos II, are the doors. Forgot the serial numer of your RAM? No problemo! Just open the door, which opens like a car door. That's why I said in the pros that this is the mercedes of cases. Seriously, it's fantastic!

And the quality of the doors is amazing! At a certain point it's even nearly two centimeters thick! You could even place two fans in it, if you wanted!

The design of the doors is beautiful, although I do recommend to wash it with a little water once in a while, it does tend to get dusty at times.

The case is also supported by two stands, which bear the weight of the case well. Don't worry about vibration noise, seriously, the case is too heavy for that! tongue.gif

The inside of the case is gigantic, seriously. I could fit the biggest motherboards in it. The only thing they didn't provide were two CPU holes for those dual-cpu mobos, but how many of you have that one eh? smile.gif

The inside of the case provides for 10 expansion cards, which is the most I've ever had. Fit an XL-ATX MoBo in it and Quad SLI will be easy-peasy!

There is loooooads of HDD space, and the bottom HDD space is even cooled by two 120mm fans. The inside of the case is big enough to fit literally all, including the biggest, GPUs in it.

The only downside, I find, is that because of the fan controller, there are WAY too many cables. You have to be a bit of a thinker to get all those cables away nicely. But other than that, best case I've ever ever had!


Pros: - Nice sleek looking - Comes with 5 fans - Tons of room to work with - Cable-management is a breeze - Fan speed controller - Good built quality - Fan

Cons: - Really heavy weighs 50 pounds - Pricey

All I can say is this case is very huge and its sure is a beauty.
The quality of it is just insane the side panels are on a hinge and look great and are removable also. Cable-management is perfect for this case there is tons of room to fit cables and hide them behind the case. Overall great case for gamers - airflow and water cooling.


Pros: Outstanding internal HDD cages that hold any size of HDD to SSD you want.

Cons: Heavy, and beware the front slide cover blocking the front ventilation when slide down.

I bought the cooler master Cosmos II Ultra Tower computer casing because my computer hardware have really got no more space to install in my old casing NZXT Phantom 630 - 2 x R9 295x2 come with fan and radiator plus one CPU water radiator cooler - How am I surpose to install the extra 2 radiator into a small casing, actually NZXT phantom is enough for those installation but my Mobo is a E-ATX form. The radiator install on top is blocking the Mobo VRM heat sink. There is lot of space for you to configure whatever you want. especially the HDD cage impress me most .

One key thing is the recent cases of faulty SATA X dock come with CM that fry lot of HDD and SSD. This casing come with two X dock. I not yet try it but I know that those X dock case is solve because of wrong fixing of power molex cable. Do try use a old HDD to testing it before used it on main HDD in case of X dock manufacture pick up the habit of switching wrong cable again.
Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case - RC-1200-KKN1 - Black

The flagship case of Cooler Master - COSMOS II, is defined as the "Ultimate platform for extreme performance". Its streamlined design with aluminum and mesh makes this product incomparably stylish and luxurious. It supports up to 10 fans, 13 HDDs, and 4 Way SLI/CF; also features an Advanced Control Panel for fan speed adjustment with LED indicators. The rich I/O includes 2 high speed USB 3.0 ports for quicker data transfer. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options, and functionality make the COSMOS II a definite choice for a user’s "Dream Case".

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandCooler Master
FeatureSupports XL-ATX/SSI CEB/SSI EEB boards
Height27.7 inches
Length26.1 inches
Weight47.3 pounds
Width13.5 inches
List Price$349.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPersonal Computer
TitleCooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case - RC-1200-KKN1 - Black
Warranty24 months
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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