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Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case (RC-912-KKN1)

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Pros: Super good Air flow

Cons: Need to buy 2 200mm fans for top and front, wish inside was black as well

Some people say its ugly but i loved its looks since the beginning. For 60 bucks or 50 on sale, i have yet seen a case this good.
They sell many versions of this case but sadly when i bought it, they only had the original.
On newegg, recently, they usually sell out with in days of receiving a shipment.


Pros: very spacious, cool design, pretty big compared to photos, PRICE

Cons: I wont wine about the paint, pictures online shows it without paint, so NO CONS

I think for the price this is the best case, and even over the price this case still stands out.
I dont care about side glass, how often can one look at his mainboard?
I owned the CM 690 in the past that case was hell when doing nice cabling because the 2 side panels do not have enough room for the cables at the back of the motherboard, with this case, NOT A PROBLEM, the panel slides in easy, even with all the cables at the back.


Pros: Roomy, Inexpensive, Quality Material, Great Cable Management, Great Air Flow, Removable/Rotatable HDD Bay

Cons: Non-Painted Interior, Mediocre Dust Filters (more like hair filters), Cheap Feeling Power/Reset Buttons

This was the first case I have ever used to build a computer. I watched a lot of how to videos and builds on youtube and after watching some tricky builds in cases that were designed without a builder in mind I settled on the HAF 912. It is quite large for a Mid ATX case, but that is not a downside in my opinion. It was really nice to build in, cable management was a breeze and on the back of the MoBo tray there are plenty of tie offs for zip ties to keep your cables flat. There is also a generous amount of room between the MoBo tray and side panel. My first PSU was non modular, so that made cable management tricky, but I was able to stick the extra cables in the SSD bay on the bottom of the case, which actually made it look really clean. The air flow is awesome, it keeps my system cool under full load, CPU and GPU both. Great if you want to air cool your system and large enough to eventually water cool in the future. The fan set up options are extensive and a Cooler Master 212 EVO fits with room to spare. I also like that you are able to, either remove, or turn the middle HDD bay. I turned mine to allow a bigger opening for the 200mm fan up front and it also hides the cables that are routed down the back. It is also very sturdy and has traveled from my house to video game sessions at my buddies place, it has not been dropped, but it still felt sturdy when carrying it to and from my car.

So far the only flaw I have found is that the left side panel (facing the case head on) has started making a random vibrating sound when it bumps against the front plastic piece. This problem was easily remedied by some black electrical tape on the inside edge, completely invisible on the outside.

Overall I am very happy with this case and I would recommend it to anyone.

i got this case for som time ago and i really like it i test it out with a high end system and i was surprised there was space for it not much but there was and its look good to and the cost is good i mean really where do you get as good a case as this is for the same amount of money the only thing i dont really like about this case was i couldn't get my h100 to Work in it


Pros: Cheap,Nice Look,Big,Good Layout

Cons: Not Painted Fully Black,To Much Plastic

I bought this case at a local compusa for my first build. I currently have it running a AMD 955 and GTS 450. I like the layout and the fan options ( you can swap the front 120mm's for a 200mm and 1 on the roof to)
Cable management was good and I liked the little ssd rack thing. Its a great case for a budget gaming rig. Cooling is great and the space inside is great.


Pros: Air Flow, Design, interior room

Cons: Front 200mm fans may not fit

This case has been perfect for me so far, or nearly perfect. The one flaw i have found is that i recently purchased a bitfenix spectre pro 200mm fan. i was excited to install this in my front intake slot. I checked the specs beforehand and CM said that it would fit a 200mm CM fan. So i assumed (here is the shocker), erroneously, that the bitfenix would fit. It did not so i attempted to install it in the top exhaust slot. it did not fit there either, it was blocked by the metal motherboard bracket. I was able to remove the exterior of the bitfenix and jury-rig my fan in, but i was a little disappointing. Now onto the positives. the case gives room for good cable management, Has an opening in the motherboard bracket to screw and unscrew the cpu. It also gets really good air flow. And most importantly; it feels bigger than it looks, there is plenty of room on the inside and it just looks very clean. i am currently working on getting a psu cover installed so that it looks even nice by using my old side panel (i purchased a windowed side) and i am hoping that keeps it even cleaner.


Pros: Easy to use. Extremely flexible. Good cable management. High air flow.

Cons: Cheap building material. No side window. Not tailored for WC.

This is the best mid tower case on the market right now. It can fit an H100 stock (and in push pull if you mount 2 fans outside on top of the case, or even the rad on top) and is a super cheap, high airflow option. The cable management is on par with everything on the market right now (and as such is very good) and this case is a breeze to work with. Internally, this case can fit any video card on the market (I've got a 5970 in mine) if you remove the added hard drive cage (which is easy to do). As far as airflow goes, this case can do it well. 2 120mm fan mounts at the front and 1 in the back with 3 140 mm mounts (2 on the top and 1 on the side panel) mean this case can move a lot of air with the right gear. The only downside to this case is the material quality. It uses the same cheep steal that every other case on the market uses. The front panel and side panels are all very stylish. The top bezel is annoying to look at but isn't that big of a deal and doesn't detract from the case one bit. Overall, this case is a steal and should be your go to mid tower budget case. It can really do it all!


Pros: Fantastic cooling, good cable management

Cons: Tight space for extended ATX MB.

Overall I love this case. I used all red led fans. 200mm fans in the top and front. A 140mm on the side and a 120mm on the rear. I'm able to easily a clock i5 2500K 3.3 to 4.7Ghz.. CPU tops out and very stable at 60c with Prime95 running for 3.5 hours.

There is plenty of space in the case, but with my ASUS Maximum Extreme MB, there is not enough space to use the cable management holes on the side. I was able to use the rear access panel to route cables nicely though. I like the removable drive cage in the middle. Which I fully removed to install a Corsair H50 with push pull fans.

Even without the middle drive cage, I'm able to easily use 1 SSD, and 3 - 1TB drives in RAID 5 with a couple of bays left over.

I had lots of problems trying to overclock this MB in my previous case. For the price, this case is hard to beat. Looks great when all lit up.


Pros: Sturdy feel, simi-modular, Half-filtered,

Cons: For the price, none.

The Cooler Master HAF 912 is an excellent budget case for the price.
Hooked up with 5 fans, this case moves a very good amount of air.
Although the inside of the case is not painted to reduce build costs, the cable management will make up for that in it's decent design. There are two sections for hard drives. The lower section that can support 2 3.5in HDD's is riveted to the case, and the upper section can support 3-4 drives while easily removable and rotatable by 180 degrees to have all wiring facing the back of the case instead of the front.
Power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case, and has a removable filtered intake. I suggest placing the computer on a hard, non-carpet surface for airflow for the power supply.
I would absolutely recommend this case to a friend.

Things this case can improve on:
-Vented PCI slot covers
-USB 3.0 ports in front (There is an adapter sold through CM to support USB 3.0)
-Filters for the side and top
-Side window options \ HAF 912 Advanced available in the states.

Things I love
- PSU mounted w\ filter at bottom
- Great fan size options
- Sturdy construction and feel


Pros: Roomy, easy to work in, cable management, supports 3.5'' and 2.5'' drives, lots of airflow

Cons: Interior is pretty plain looking, looks a bit ugly

Currently using this case but added on a few more fans. It comes with 2x120mm fans, but currently have 3x120mm fans plus a 200mm intake fan up front and it moves a ton of air while not making much noise. The price of an additional 200mm fan will bring the overall price up considerably. Though you have the option of either a single 200mm or dual 120mm fans up front.

Lots of room in the case. Have an ATX motherboard mounted inside and there is room on all sides of the motherboard with accommodating cable routing hole all over so you can hide cables. This was fantastic, except I had an unforeseen problem when I upgraded to this case; my PSU's modular cables were too short so I was unable to utilize some of this case's cable routing features. The airflow is excellent with the additional fans and I'm sure the airflow isn't too shabby with the included fans. This case is on the wide/large side for a case (9 inches and 19 inches respectively) hence all the room inside, but all that room makes it extremely easy to work in. There are some nice touches with this case such as the included 2.5'' support bays, removable HDD cages, and rubber mounts for where the PSU sits to eliminate vibration.

The exterior is a love-hate thing. To be completely honest, I dislike the looks of it. I mainly purchased it because my old Thermaltake case that it replaced was a steaming pile of feces and I had to do something to get rid of it. The HAF logo on the side is a bit much for me. I also wish the interior was black like the HAF 912 Advanced that is unavailable to those in the U.S. This is definitely a case of function and practicality over beauty.

If you're simply looking for a case that offers excellent cooling, cable management, and practicality, definitely stop and take a look at the HAF 912. The only other case that might come close in terms of this much performance/value is the NZXT Gamma/M59. If you care about the way the interior and exterior of your case looks, then you may want to keep looking. tongue.gif
Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case (RC-912-KKN1)

Cooler Master's HAF 912 further enriches the HAF series by adding a compact, yet fully featured, mid-tower solution for enthusiasts and budget conscious gamers alike. Its seemingly small exterior supports a plethora of interior features such as twelve devices, high end GPU cards like the ATI Radeon HD 5970 and the NVIDIA GTX 480, large CPU coolers, two 200mm fans, and six 120mm fans. The HAF 912 embodies the rugged aesthetic and qualities of its brethren while remaining attractively priced. Its traits more closely resemble that of a mid to high-end case than that of other cases in its price range. The HAF 912 pays tribute to the legacy of HAF 932 & HAF 922 in ease of installation, high airflow, and compatibility with water cooling hardware.

BindingPersonal Computers
BrandCooler Master
FeatureTwo 3.5" or 2.5"/1.8" HDD/SSDs
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height22.29 inches
Length20.79 inches
Weight20.6 pounds
Width11.1 inches
List Price$59.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPC Accessory
TitleCooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case (RC-912-KKN1)
Number Of Items1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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