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Cooler Master HAF 932

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #13 in Computer Cases


Pros: Durable, Massive, Aestetic, Price

Cons: Could possibly be too heavy for some.

The HAF 932 by CoolerMaster is nothing short of a benchmark industry standard product.

First, I've had this case for roughly 5 years. I have checked this case on an airplane, I have moved this case to a total of 4 different locations and this case has remained 100% functional and intact. This case houses my two GTX 680s, along with a large power supply, water-cooling, 16GBS RAM, 3 massive fans, and 4 HDS. All that being said, there is ample room for cable management. The open-case view point looks clean with the ability to hide all cables in an easy manner.

Moreover, the the HAF 932 looks amazing from an industrialist standpoint. Black steel and red lighting makes a great combo.


Pros: 2x 230mm Fans 1 intake 1 exhaust, 6 5.25 inch bays, 5 HDD bays, easy cable management, crazy amount of room, easy expandibility

Cons: Very heavy

I have noting but great things to say about this case. It is absolutely monstrous with an enormous amount of space inside the case. I bought the advanced version so the inside of my case is painted black (thankfully) and my LED fans are blue instead of red. Also, all of the fans are blue not just one of them. I would never turn my LEDs off but each fan has a clicker that allows for the fans to be turned off if you don't like the flashy blue/red/whatever color you have lol. The case is extremely well built out of steel with plastic accents and additions. It has 4 front USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 firewire port, 1 eSata port, and mic/headphone ports in the front, with blue power and HDD activity lights on the front panel. It also has side vents on both sides of the case for extra airflow. You can lay your hand on the case and actually feel how cool it runs, the airflow is insane. I have used plenty of "enthusiast" cases in the past but this case is by far the best.

It also has a side view port and a grated portion where the side 230mm fan sits so that seeing the core components is easy, which I love. I like to see the parts of my rig moving -- it's pure beauty. It also comes with the "HAF" logo painted on the side which adds some cool flair.

One cool thing that I love about this case is that it is liquid cooling friendly and allows for either a top or bottom mounted PSU. Also, the PSU has a base that it can sit on to keep great airflow running under it. I had to take that part out (only 2 thumb screws holding it in) as my PSU was too big and was hitting the mobo.

Cable management is a breeze with this case and there is a great deal of space for all the wires to be run. It also comes with a crapload of extra screws for any future additions you can think of. It comes with about 8-10 black zip ties so that you can easily tie down your cables. Also, all of the front I/O cables are pre-run so that you do not have to fiddle with them. Simply plug them in to the mobo and you're good to go.

All in all I would rate this case a 10/10. Other than it being heavy it is near perfect for me and I would assume for alot of people. I would discourage setting it on a glass desk as it may actually crack it. Completely empty it weighs around 30 lbs so that is something to consider.


Pros: Value, size, excellenting cooling, silent operation, expandability

Cons: Size, weight, non-black inside

I have nothing but good things to say about this case with the exception of one tiny thing (see below).

When the box arrived to my house, I was taken back by the sheer size of the thing - its ridiculously big. I've been using the stock HP cases for years and compared to those, this case is about 2.5 times as big. It really does live up to its HAF logo (High Air Flow) because this thing is riddled with holes - in a good way. The front bays are a mesh, the side panel is a mesh (with a 230mm fan included!) the top of the case is a mesh (with another 230mm fan!) and the front air intake is also a mesh (check this - another 230mm fan!, the bottom has ventilation for PSU's and even the PCI brackets have meshed covers.

The whole thing is incredibly sturdy which is probably attributed to its weight. Its quite heavy - heavier than it looks in fact. The bottom does come with casters so you can move it around easily - a fully built system in this case is extremely heavy. It took two people to move it after it was done being installed.

The airflow in this case is ridiculous - there is so much air flowing through it even when the fans are on their lowest speeds. However, this does pose a bit of the problem since there are no dust filters anywhere on the case. However, this might have changed with the "Advanced" version, but I do not know for sure. Even when the fans are running full tilt, they are amazingly silent. You cannot hear the fans at all - rather just a very nice whooshing of the air as it passes. The side panel fan is pointed directly at the GPU area whic helps in cooling multiple gpu systems; however, this has very minimal effect as far as I can tell. The top fan is effective at removing heat - the heated air around the cpu is immediately pushed out the top of the case, and the rear 92mm fan takes care of the rest. This case does have positive air pressure which does make it somewhat does after a while, but it does mean that fresh air is always being sucked in through various meshes in the case.
The front 230mm red LED fan does a great job at cooling the hard drives - although it does seem a bit over the top. The HDD bays are spaced perfectly as to allow the air flowing from the front of the case to pass through the drives and carry the heat out the back. Unfortunately, the front red LED cannot be switched off, but it is far from intrusive. However, the same cannot be said about the top I/O panel LED's. Those lights are incredibly bright - and there are two of them.
In my case, the case in the TV room and this makes for a very annoying movie watching experience. I quickly covered up the front two LED's with some black electrical tape. Whatever brightness you have in mind, this is brighter than that. I beats me as to why they'd put such bright LED's in a case. Again, this might have been changed in the newer "advanced" edition.

Speaking of the top I/O panel, it has the usual stereo headphone and mic ports as well as 4 USB 2.0 ports and a e-sata port. However, the the USB ports are grouped into pairs and are extremely close together and upside down. This makes for a somewhat frustrating experience when trying to plug into two flash drives into the same header. Its worth mentioning again that those USB ports are upside down. The Advanced version does have USB 3.0 ports, but I do not know about the orientation of the ports.

The top does have a very convienient liquid fill port if you plan on running a water-cooled system. This case is easily one of the best for water-cooling enthusiasts. There is plenty of space for a 360 radiator and even a 240 radiator on the bottom. The water cooling grommets at the back of the case allows for an external 360 radiator as well.

The whole case is designed to tool-less. The optical drive bays have a push-button that locks in the drive when properly aligned. This implementation does work extremely well with the exception that sometimes it does feel a bit flimsy. The HDD bays also have tool-less drive caddy's which allow for hot-swapping drives quite easily.

Cable management in this case is a breeze. There is plenty of space between the side panel and the motherboard tray to hide and organize all the cables. Furthermore, the pre-cut holes in the tray make it really easy to route cables to the back.

One down side to this edition is that the interior is not painted black. However, the Advanced version does have a fully black interior.

I am extremely pleased with this case for its value and its superior cooling performance. I plan on buying its newer brother (HAF X) for my next build.
Cooler Master HAF 932

This is the non advanced edition - aka, the original HAF 932 With pure innovative strength, Cooler Master, the leader in enthusiast computer components, has unleashed yet another prevailing arsenal to compete in the full-tower chassis segment. Proud and robust in its appearance, the HAF 932 presents its sturdy sentinel housing and revolutionary High Air Flow structure to enhance and protect any hardware component that is worthy of the highest performance.

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