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COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 120mm sleeve CPU Cooler

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Cheap and Efficient

Cons: Mounting tension not always good from the start, and needs to be adjusted

I did a review video for this a while back. Hope it's helpful.


Pros: Cheap Cheap Cheap!!! GREAT TEMPS!!

Cons: TIM Application, Stock TIM

This is certainly one of those coolers that you have to look at twice, it may not look all that great and because it's cheap that may deter you, HOWEVER, this little cooler does a fantastic job!!!

If your looking for a cheap cooler for lets say a Sandy Bridge rig and ain't looking for extreme overclocks then this is the one for you!!

4.5ghz for sandybridge shouldn't be a problem with that cooler. Here's an example of what the 212+ can do at 4.7ghz (your results may vary, TIM application and ambient temps):

2500k - http://www.overclock.net/15496849-post5039.html
2600k with Hyper threading - http://www.overclock.net/15236863-post4532.html

One last thing, I did mention that it's not for extreme overclocks, well how about being a little brave and applying some sand paper on that cooler??? Lapping the cooler can a daunting task however it is one that will definitely improve temps!!!

Lapped 212+ - 2500k @ 4.9ghz http://www.overclock.net/14883324-post3678.html

See what I mean??? tongue.gif

This little cooler is a beast and one that I recommend for people that are on a budget!! thumb.gif

This cooler will fit in some places that some of the bigger coolers will not, yet it does a great job. A knowledgeable fan choice can turn this into a high performance cooler. The fan that it comes with is not the best quality, but it will work OK for most people. If you want to get the most from this cooler, up-grade the fan to bearings and more CFM. I don't like loud fans. If you are like me, start with high quality well designed equipment. This cooler with a better fan will do nicely. In the BIOS, adjust the fan to start at 50% and for it to go to 100% at 60 °C. Then adjust the CPU clock to where it almost never goes above that temperature. I also recommend dual fans, you have twice the motor size and fan blade area. I do not have room for dual fans, so I had to use a 120x120x38mm 150CFM fan. My Intel i7 2600K is at 4.2 GHz, and the temperature rarely hits 50 °C. With that fan's powerful motor and large fan blades, it moves a lot of air even at low RPMs. This fan stays at 50% speed and I never hear it.


Pros: It works. It really does lower your CPU's temperature.

Cons: It's too big and it requires removing the motherboard to install.

This baby is huge but does a great job. My rig that I built has an octo-core processor (AMD FX-8350), which came with a medium size heat sink and fan, I believe. Since I live in a tropical desert in SoCal where the temperatures reach up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit (and my room is the hottest in the house), my CPU was already nearly overheating. I had to buy another one of these for my FX processor since I already had experience with overheating problems with an HP computer that kept shutting down. Of course, this product saved my HP computer. As for my rig, it has never encountered any overheating.

First make sure this baby will fit. It's really big. I'm not kidding.


Pros: Value, Compatability

Cons: Memory clearance

This is the heatsink that I chose for my first custom PC, and I'm glad that I got it. I'm still running it with the stock fan, and it decreased my idle temperatures by somewhere around ten or fifteen degrees Celsius compared to the stock Intel heatsink. I don't have any problems with it at all, but if my memory heatsinks were any taller, they would not fit (I'm using G.Skill Ripjaws RAM). I've also heard that the TIM is not the best, but the included thermal paste works just fine for me, so I personally don't think that's a problem. Overall, a very high value cooler!


Pros: amazing cooling, pretty good fan

Cons: Height is a bit of an issue in some cases, barely snugged it into an Antec 900.

Picked one up from Micro Center nearly 2 years ago for $14 on sale. Little did I know that this was going to be the best tech related purchase I had ever made. Paired it along side a 955 @ 3.8ghz, kept my idle temps at 27c, and never seen it hit over 50c when under full load. You seriously can't go wrong with this thing. thumb.gif

Only complaints is the height. It barely cleared in my Antec 900 and just would fit into my NZXT H2 (due to the padded side panels). Make sure to measure the interior of your case, take into fact if you have sound proofing material. The included thermal grease isn't the best, but it will do. I eventually exchanged it for arctic silver paste and saw a 2c average drop in temp. Again, nothing huge, so the stock grease will do.


Pros: Silent,Great Performance,Can Push/Pull

Cons: Tall,Covers Memory slots on some boards.

Picked this bad boy up for around $27, And it is miles ahead of the stock AMD Cooler.

Currently have my 1090t overclocked to 3.85ghz With a CPU-NB of 2.8ghz and tops out around 50C while folding.
Only issue is That on some board you may have clearance issues with the Ram slots.


Pros: light weight, decent price, performs well for its size

Cons: none

I bought this for my gaming, to cool down the cpu while OC, sort of tie between evga superclock, but went with hyper as it is available that time, and never look back again, now my 2500K is cool enough compared to the stock heatsink, quite impressive for the price. biggrin.gif The idle temps of 27~ 32C at ambient 21C, load reach 50~56C, at stock 3.3Ghz, at 4Ghz idle temp is 32~36C load temps 57~64C varies per core.


Pros: good cooler, easy to install

Cons: needs better TIM

Awesome cooler for the price, one of the better coolers because the fan it comes with is superb.


Pros: Cool, not loud, cheap

Cons: Hits tall RAM heatsinks

I've installed two of these and am very happy with the results. They run cool - one fan is all that's really necessary - are budget conscious, and they're not overly loud.

The fan will hit tall RAM heatsinks (e.g. Ripjaws) on the P67 and AM3+ boards I've used, but the fan brackets are easily adjustable to remedy this. I imagine this'll impact cooling a bit, but the 212+ still keeps the CPU quite cool.

Great cooler for the price!
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1 120mm sleeve CPU Cooler

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