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Cooler Master Inferno Mouse SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP


Pros: Excellent software (contrary to what most believe) and great customization, very comfortable, works with both palm grip and claw grip

Cons: Not the best build quality, but not the worst either

Cooler Master probably has the best line of gaming mice out there; much better prices than the competition, often with no compromise and more customization. The Inferno is one of their older mice; the sensor is a less-than-stellar but still good Phillips twin-eye dual laser sensor, allowing up to 4000 DPI.

Be warned. this mouse is very picky when it comes to mouse pads. It never worked for me with cheap, softer/more smooth mouse pads, but works fine with more rough ones. As expected, it works great with Cooler Master's Speed-RX mouse pad as well.

It looks great, and thankfully has textured buttons so it doesn't collect gunk as easily. However the body material is a shiny plastic, that does collect gunk easily. Wipe it down every now and then. Pretty much everything can be tweaked - you can create new profiles, assign X and Y DPI settings to various profiles, adjust mouse acceleration, and you get many different LED colors in two different places.

I can't complain about the software. Functionality is fine and the layout is perfect. I think most people are just overwhelmed by the concept of options, this is an apparent plague among many people these days. But the Inferno does work as a plug-and-play mouse, without the need to install software, and you still get 5 DPI profiles.

If you have average sized, or smaller hands, you'll find this to be a great palm-grip mouse. Those with larger hands should find it to be a great claw-grip mouse; this is one of very few mice that can do both comfortably.

Great mouse, though not quite as good in build quality compared to the CM Storm Recon, Storm Spawn, or Sentinel II, but it's sensor is better than the Recon/Spawn, and it costs much less than the Sentinel II. So it's a compromise.


Pros: Nice response, total of 8 assignable buttons, wide and easy rolling scroll wheel, 128kb of onboard memory that holds settings.

Cons: Clunky software. Weight of mouse is not adjustable.

I've been using this mouse now of the better part of 8 months (mostly for Skyrim). When it comes down to it it is a very capable mouse, both for gaming and normal use, with a lot of features usually found on much more expensive mice. It seems to be a cross between a palm style and a claw grip style mouse it fits my hand quite well. It is made for right handed people only sorry lefties. It is a wired USB 2.0 mouse. The cord is meshed wrapped wire for better wear. The upper deck where the main two buttons are is slightly canted to the right something I appreciate as it ever so slightly alleviates wrist strain that you can get with a flat style ambidextrous mouse. I also found the third button on the scroll wheel to be a bit overly stiff for my taste. It requires quite a bit of force to activate. The scroll wheel itself is nice and wide and rolls as smooth as silk with a just barely there click feel to it as you roll it.
There are a total of 9 programmable buttons. These can be programmed to include multiple key presses or mouse button clicks or a mix of both. One set of buttons I find extremely useful is the button just to the left of your index finger and another just to the right of your middle finger. The bad part of those buttons is you must lift your finger up to press them though that does not take to much away from their useability. The side thumb buttons however are next to useless in an action gaming setting, they are to wide and to low, and I had to disable them via the software as they can be inadvertently pressed while in heavy action. As mentioned the software is a little on the clunky side but usable to assign keyboard key presses or macros to any of the available programmable mouse buttons. The mouse software has many options for polling speeds and dpi with a max dpi of 4000. More than enough speed for any gaming situation. One very nice feature is the internal 128kb of memory that is used to hold settings and profiles independent of the operating system. There is space for 4 profiles (3 user programmable) and those profiles can be accessed independently of the OS. The profile switch button on the mouse has 3 user profile modes that are lighted by 3 different color LED's and one profile with no light (the default) so it's easy to tell which profile you have active. If you need more than 3 user profiles they can be loaded over existing profiles via a save/load feature in the software. I would have preferred that there be more active switchable profiles but 4 is better than none. Overall a good mouse that has served me well.
Cooler Master Inferno Mouse SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP

Model Number SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP Available Color Black and Grey Material Rubber Grip / ABS Plastic / Mesh Bezel / Metal Plate Dimensions (L) 120 X (W) 75X (H) 40 mm / (L) 4.7 X (W) 2.9 X (H) 1.6 inch Net Weight 161.5 g / 0.356 lb Sensor 4000 DPI Storm Tactical™ Laser Sensor X&Y Axis Configuration Independent and programmable Maximum Tracking Speed 115 IPS Polling Time 1.0ms Speed Measurement Real-time Dynamic Surface Adaptation Tracks on all surfaces, lift-off distance 2mm Onboard Memory 128Kb Form Factor Right Hand Ergonomic Button Assignment 11 Illumination IC controlled Illumination with red lighting effect DPI Display LED

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