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COOLER MASTER Quick Fire Rapid


Pros: Cherry MX Red Switches - Inexpensive, Small and Well Constructed Keyboard - Multimedia Keys - Windows Key Disable and Key Cap Replacement - Branding is Subtle and giving it a Clean/Sleek Look - LED Indicating Caps Lock, Windows Key Disable and Scroll Lock

Cons: Key Cap Puller feels cheap but its effective - Warranty does not cover damage as a result of replacing keys; however it comes with replacement keys. Not really a big deal just thought it was interesting.

My initial thoughts as I removed it from the box:
The keyboard is smaller than I had expected it to be, this was actually very nice as it will take up a lot less real estate on my desk. There is a noticeable weight difference, a bit heavier than the Dell SK-3205 I have been using. The construction feels solid, not flimsy and cheap like a lot of other keyboards I have burned through.

The Cherry MX Red Switches where my personal preference and I must say they have an amazing feel, exactly what I was expecting. The key caps are light but do not feel cheap, you can feel the letters on each key which gives it a nice embossed textured feel. The replacement WASD key caps however do not have the embossed feeling, seeing as I would use them for gaming the most I don’t mind them feeling a bit different. Really enjoy the replacement keys with arrows on top and stealth letters printed on the side.

The key cap puller feels a little on the cheapish side for plastic and its pretty stiff, I am a little concerned it will not last for a prolonged period of time. However it was a nice tool to include in the package and it works for what it is. Removed and replaced WASD keys without issues using the key puller, in the long run if you plan on replacing all your keys I would invest in a better one.

When I first saw the keyboard online it looked very over branded and I was turned away from it at first. After a few weeks of research I came to the conclusion that this was going to be the best for price/performance. I decided to give the keyboard a few more glances and came to the conclusion I could deal with the branding and maybe just paint top plate later. After I placed my order on Amazon I noticed some pictures from the Mechanical Keyboard Club thread of a de-branded version of the same keyboard. Come to find out Cooler Master listened to their customers and changed the top plate and some keys to give it a smoother, clean look. This simple change has endeared Cooler Master to me and the next time I look for some products I will be sure to check out what they have to offer.

I work in an open office environment where sounds can echo a lot. I was a little concerned about the sound of the keys bottoming out getting on other peoples nerves. Over at WASD Keyboards I picked up two different types of O-Rings to try out to help reduce the sound. While the stock sound of bottoming out was not as loud as I was expecting, it still makes a distinct sound. I ordered the Red 40A-L rings and the Blue 40A-R rings; they are a bit pricey for just being o-rings however I do enjoy the reduced sound.

I placed the red rings on my WASD keys and the blues on my directional arrow keys. Rings are simple to add to the bottom of the keys, though you might need the use of some finger nails to get the blues on. I am not going to get into great detail over this as I will be making a YouTube video later on to compare the feeling and sound. What I have noticed right away between the two o-rings is a much reduced bottoming out noise. The red rings give more of a stiffer feeling to the keys which I am enjoying a lot, while the blues give a springier feel to the keys. The reds reduce the sound enough for the noise to not be a problem at work while only slightly changing the way the keys feel.

This is my second mechanical keyboard; my first was a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate for my gaming rig. It is huge monster sized keyboard but I always thought it felt a little cheap in some areas but dismissed it. Now that I have had some time to play around with my Cooler Master QFR I understand what felt cheap about my first keyboard. Unfortunately I am not able to do a direct comparison at the moment. Overall I am very pleased with this keyboard and looking forward to using it till it just won’t work any longer.
Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid comes in a variety different Cherry MX Switch, you can choose from Black/Brown/Blue or Red switches. However only the MX Red Switches come with a black faceplate and red under plate, the Cherry MX Red Switches where my personal preference.

I apologize for the poor image quality of my pictures, I don't have my digital camera with me and had to use my phone's camera.

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Pros: Cherry MX Blue key switches, multimedia keys, small, inexpensive

Cons: Plastic feels cheap

As soon as I removed it from the shipping box, I noticed how small and heavy this keyboard is! It really does outweigh my full Compaq membrane keyboard pictured below.


The mechanical key switches are simply magical. I'll try to refrain reviewing those here however, as others with more knowledge of key switches have written more thorough reviews than I could. The LEDs are a little bright, but I consider that a plus as I normally wouldn't want these left on in the first place.

The function keys work just as one would expect per given operating system. As you may have read, the included cord is really stiff. The plating on the connectors should protect against corrosion, which is a plus.


I was expecting to get red replacement WASD keys, but Cooler Master chose to include WWSD for me instead. Not enough to return the whole keyboard, but enough to show the kind of quality control I would expect from a company that chooses to overly brand their products like they do.


The key puller included is likely made out of the cheapest plastics available. I would suggest getting another if you plan on changing keys out to any great extent.


Obligatory OCN keycap mod - An essential part of any OCN keyboard review.


Compaq Membrane

Quick Fire with cherry blue key switches

Conclusion: I've never been very partial for any product that carries the name of Cooler Master, but with this I was willing to let it slide as the key switches are still Cherry and that is what is important. Would be a five flame keyboard if it wasn't so overly branded and the correct keys were included. This keyboard was recommended to me on http://deskthority.net/ and it is a great inexpensive mechanical keyboard for those looking to acquire a new addiction to mechanical key switches.

A high recommendation for those wanting to get into the mechanical scene but don't care for the costs

I would like to point out that this keyboard is available with alternate key switches, MX Blues were my choice but they don't have to be yours.

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-WPM comparison (my WPM kept varying quite a bit given certain texts, but I felt this was a proper comparison)
-Added bit about the cable

5 July 2012 - Color corrections. Not really needed, but I think it looks better

Updates to come:
-Key puller longevity test
-Perhaps a youtube video of the noise is in order?


Pros: Cherry MX Blue keys.

Cons: the key puller is cheap, weird, sometimes scary to use when it only hooks on one side of the key.

First mechanical keyboard i have owned and i must say IT IS AWESOME, the feel, the click, totally awesome, compared to the other keyboard in this class, this is the cheapest, but by far it does not feel that way, this keyboard is heavy, feels well built, it is well built, i no longer have typos, yes it fixes typos lol. Your brain and with the sound of this keyboard is a wonderful union, basically it makes life so much easier, I wish everyone can experience the feel of this keyboard, you wont regret it!. I also choose this keyboard because it does not have the num pad so now the mouse is closer to the keyboard, less distance i have to move my hand.


Pros: Low price for mech keyboard, overall high quality, nice small size, mx blues are amazing to type on

Cons: keys get the glossy, worn look very quickly, no backlighting, cheap keycap puller

Well, before this I was using a 4 year old g15v2 membrane keyboard and let me tell you, this is in a whole different league of keyboard! This is my first mechanical keyboard, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but let me tell you I'm very impressed. I got the mx blue switches because I heard that they were the best for typing (which I do a great deal of) and alright for gaming (which a do every once in a while), but I have already gotten used to them for gaming (a little harder to press, easy to loose track of where you are on the key press at first) and my typing speed has already increased quite a bit (and the sound of the switches is really quite comforting:D). Overall, I am extremely happy with this keyboard and I have no doubt that I will soon have some new, custom keycaps on this thing, along with a new paint job. thumb.gif


Pros: Blues! Small footprint with great weight

Cons: Key caps get glossy rather quick.

-Cherry blues. Incredibly responsive. Just enough tactile feedback to confidently let you know that you pressed the key.
-That key click is very reassuring. May annoy some at first, but you'll grow to love it.
-Very small footprint, due to lack of the tenkey.
-Nice heft to it. It really will take some force to move this thing.
-Removable, braided USB cable.
-PS2 adapter included.Some may find use in it.
-Very nice color scheme. Nothing to extreme. Red LEDs are pretty attractive.
-Media and a function key thumb.gif

-The font choice for the key caps isn't the prettiest, but that's just a personal preference. These mechanical keycaps can always be swapped out for custom ones, anyways.
-These keycaps will get glossy VERY quickly.

COOLER MASTER Quick Fire Rapid

Model Number SGK-4000-GKCL1 (Blue Switch) SGK-4000-GKCC1 (Black Switch) SGK-4000-GKCM1 (Brown Switch) Key Switch CHERRY Blue / Black / Brown N Key Rollover N key in PS/2 mode Polling Rate 1000 Hz /1 ms Interface USB / PS2 Extra Keys 6 pcs Keycap Puller Yes USB Cable Removable Dimensions 355(L)x135(W)x35(H) mm 14(L)x5(W)x1(H) inch Weight 940 g / 2.1 lbs

Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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