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Coolermaster XtraFlo 120mm

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So basically my Hyper 212+'s fan has a dodgy cable and i needed to replace it. So i ended up getting two of these for it.

Packaging it came in.

The actual fan itself, note the rather short cable. They are quite thick and look pretty durable however.

The foam pads that come with it, squares would have been a better overall shape. But it's nice to have these included with your fan. (Even though they don't do much)

Installed on the Hyper 212+ in Push/Pull setup.

Seeing as I've only used the stock Hyper's fan before, i guess i'm used to silence. These fans are a bit louder then the Hyper's stock fan, but they do blow alot more air to the extent that i can feel excess air coming out the top of my HAF 932. They are a little louder then the Hyper's fan even at stock, but not alot. Under load they're still only a bit louder.

The red LED's/Blades look rather nice, and have a nice effect in a RED LED case. (They'd look like crap in a CM690 II for say)

Idle temps haven't changed at all, going from one Hyper fan to two of these. The only real change is about 2-4c on full load. Which isn't alot but it's a little. These are running on a Q9400 @ 3.52GHz by the way, in a HAF 932 with all stock fans.

I would suggest these to anyone who needs a new processor fan, or just wants to get matching fans. (it looks alot nicer trust me). Albeit a tad noisy, it's not so bad especially for the price and quality. I can't get over how good the quality of the fan cables look and feel compared to the Hyper's stock fan.
As i said earlier the included fan pads are a plus.

All in all i'm happy i got these, decent price good quality and not too loud.
They would only be suited to a HAF series case, or a case with a Red LED theme.

Also remember, the cables are 15cm long at the most! So beware of fan placement and physically figure out which way they blow before you attach the brackets, along with making sure the cables will reach.

EDIT: Sorry about crappy picture quality, i only have my phone for photos. I have no need for a digital camera! - Will re-do some later on.

Also i fixed the problem with them, with ET6 (from gigabyte) i can set them to 10% usage which is silent! My temps only raised 2c..
Coolermaster XtraFlo 120mm

CoolerMaster 120mm XtraFlo Red LED 2200rpm, moves up to 93.74cfm and operating as low as 15dBA. Uses 4-Pin PWM fan connector

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