Corsair 650d

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Pros: Cable management, hot plug dock, fans, expansion, rugged but light.

Cons: One...USB 3.0 cables are not a header biggie.

The Corsair 650D case is somewhat of a builder's dream case. Reason being is that the cable management is well thought out, the grommets placement, the motherboard mount placements with the middle slide nub makes it very easy for your motherboard install. The case can take mATX and ATX boards without issue, and the power supply bracket to hold the PS in place is a welcome thought.

The front panel has the USB 2.0, 3.0, 2 ports a piece, and firewire as well. Very nice Corsair, including all the ports you could ever need. The drawback was the USB 3.0 cables end with male USB ends, but a very good remedy to this is to get a USB 3.0 PCI card to plug both cables into. Simple. The case can take 3.5 and 2.5 drives with quick release trays, and of course the 4 5.25 bays allot for plenty of expansion.

For cooling, the front 200MM fan and the 120 rear are great, along with the top two 120mm fans, which I removed to fit a H100 cooler and fans with no issues of fitment. The built in control for the fans on the outside are a huge bonus.

The Corsair 650D's window could have been a little smaller to not show the power supply area, but whatever, the case is an awesome build quality, and is well thought out, and made my build very easy, and clean. $150 on Amazon, and I price matched it and got an additional $15 rebate. Firmly recommended case.


Pros: Window,Silence,Cable Management

Cons: Panels Bulge,Cooling,Heavy

I really like this case. I bought it about 8 months ago. Its now painted white and inside my storage. (currently not using it) Its big and the cable management system is outstanding. Grommets are big and easy to route cables threw. I had to cut out the front 200mm grill to achieve complete silence. The removable HDD cages are nice and the fact that you can relocate them are a plus. There is rubber pieces in them to prevent the hard drives from rattling. Overall this case is pretty great. Also another plus is the window. Its great to look into your rig and see all of your beautiful parts at work cranking out some games. 1 more thing, If you looking for a good case with great cable management then this is for you unless you don't like huge cases.


Pros: mostly everything, really...

Cons: front intake fan

I've had a cooler master HAF 932 before, but when i get ym hands on this case it was so different.

Why? every feature it has, all the cable management holes, black interior, shape of the case, window on the side not too big, fan filtrer in every intake fan. All cables are BLACK, the HDD cage can be moved as i want and as i did ( see my gallery in my profile). I love how i remove the side pannel it's soo easy. tongue.gif

The only complain i can make is the noise comming form the front 200mm fan but it's not that bad with side pannel on and filtrer on front.

When i build high end computer for friend and consumer i have. i always tell them to consider a corsair case. i expalin why and most of the time i build another rig in thoses wonderfull cases.

Anyway... it's probably the biggest step i made in improvement of my setup last yeah in every way.

Thanks for reading!!! smile.gif


Pros: Great Wire Management.Great side panel latch system and easy toclean fan filters.

Cons: Paint chips and scratches way to easily. Pretty bad stock fans. Not great if you want to water cool

I really don 't know where to start. In one way it's a great case but in another way it has a lot of flaws that really bothers me. It's very roomy and the whole interior is finished in black paint. The interior has a lot of holes for cable management and all the holes have nice rubber grommets that hold all your cables in place. There are a ton of these holes and it makes for great cable management.
Now you reading the above and saying this sounds like a great case but it does have flaws. I've found the paint job chips and scratches way to easily. After taking the side panels off only two or three times the paint where the door panel and main body meet was completely gone. It was bare steel there. Also there was some paint damage to the front. I don't know if it was from shipping or manufacturing but I would expect better from Corsair. I also found the stocks fan very noisy and just not that great.I replaced the front 200mm with a blue LED 200mm from Coolermaster. I replaced the top 200mm with two 140mm blue LED fans also from Coolermaster. I also found this case isn't that great for water cooling. It can only accept a 240mm rad at top. Depending on what you want to do this case might not be good enough for water cooling. I wanted to water cool the CPU and two GPUs so I would need a bigger rad. I had a choice I could do an exterior rad which I really didn't want to do or I could do two smaller rads which I also didn't want to do. That left me with one choice get a new case.
This is a good case but not great. It has a lot of good points butt also many flaws. I'm giving it four stars but it probably deserve's three.


Pros: Roomy, looks, cable management

Cons: Airflow, price, stock fans

I got this case to replace my HAF 932. This case looks amazing! The whole layout of it is near perfect. I love the finish in the front and the removal of the side doors is so simple and effective. I constantly open mu case up do that is a big plus for me.

I knew my temps wouldn't be as good as before with my HAF. But I was supprised they stayed within 4C overall. Before with the stock fans on the stock fan controller the fans would make so much noise. I ended up replacing the stock fans with new low speed ones and now my case is quiet!

Also, I love the hot swap bay in the top, I use it all the time now. That was well thought of by Corsair IMO.

I highly recommend this case to whoever wants a great looking and functioning case.


Pros: very roomy for a mid-tower, looks gorgeous, very easy cable management

Cons: quite pricey for a mid-tower, no internal USB 3.0 header, not the best airflow

When I was planning on doing my first build, I obviously needed a case to put it in, and after some googling and reading/watching reviews of cases, I decided upon this: the corsair Obsidian 650D.

First things first, if you're in the market for a stylish looking case, you'd be a fool not to have a good hard look at the Corsair Obsidian series. The chassis of the case itself is based on the 600T, but Corsair decided to give it the typical Obsidian look.

When I started building my system in the case I was pleasantly surprised that the motherboard standoffs were already installed for ATX form factor it was just a question of sliding the motherboard into place and affixing it with screws. Which leads us to one of the best features of all of this case. Cable management: I have bought a PSU which is nonmodular, so obviously I needed somewhere to dump my excess wires, well Corsair made the gap behind the motherboard plate wide enough so it could fit pretty much most of the excess cables I have (mostly molexes, 2 PCIe and some SATA power) and thus make the part with the window look much cleaner.
The toolless hard-drive mounts are very good too since all of them can either accept 2.5" or 3.5" drives. The cages themselves can also be moved around if you want/need better airflow to you GPU.
On the top of the case there is a 200mm fan, but it can be replaced by either 2 120mm or 2 140mm fans (with or without 240mm rad depending on wether you've got watercooling). There is also a SATA hotswap bay and a three-stage fan controller for up to 4 fans. Moving down, you have the front I/O-area with the power button and HDD activity light, and if you push the clip, it'll reveal 2 USB 3.0 ports (wthout internal header unfortunately), a headphone/audio port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a Firewire port. Moving further down, there's 4 5,25" drive mounts and a demovable front intake fan dust filter.

All in all though, my biggest issue with this case is the price: At 159 euros (215USD) it's not exactly what you'd call cheap. Still, I think the case more than makes up for the fairly steep price by it's impressive feature set.
Corsair 650d

Corsair 650D Case.

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