Corsair 700D


Pros: Large elegant case with sturdy build quality

Cons: Poorly allocated space and over priced

Upon the delivery of the case i was quite impressed at the shear size of the box it came in and eagerly anticipated to open up the box. It was well packaged in the typical fashion with foam inserts on each side. My case did not have anything broken and was in perfect working order including all the accessories.

Once assembled I realized how sturdy and well built this case truly is. As a result of that it is definitely on the heavier side which makes it harder to move around.

Watercooling is probably one of the most attractive parts to this case but for those who plan on using multiple radiators this case really is not that great. Internally this case is set up so that a 360mm radiator can easily fit at the top and a 120mm radiator can be fit in the back of the case. Aside from those two places there are no places inside of the case to fit a radiator which is surprising for the shear size of the case leading to the belief that the layout could have been better planned out. Compared to other cases in this price range such as the Silverstone TJ-07 it really performs rather poorly when it comes to watercooling.

Air cooling is also quite poor in this case which lacks an easily visible path for air to flow. The only intake is on the bottom of the case. The primary source for fresh air comes from the top 360mm mesh but even that fails to get air into the two different hard drive cages.

In conclusion this is a very sturdy and elegant case that was made to cater to the watercooling audience but it just doesn't quite get the job done for multi-radiator set ups. Due to the poor usage of space this case could easily be cut a few inches shorter and not lose any features.
Corsair 700D

The Corsair 700D is quite similar to the 800D but has a fewer features then its more expensive older brother.

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