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A Review On: CORSAIR AX1200i 1200W Power Supply

CORSAIR AX1200i 1200W Power Supply

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Pros: Nice power

Cons: bad software

This is a very strong power supply, and quiet. Probably only of the best out there. One of the reasons I purchased it was the corsair link wattage monitoring software. On most systems, this probably works without too much issue, however, on X79 chipsets firmware 2.2 doesn't work well with RSTe 3.5 and higher. Firmware 2.1.7 and below do work ok with RSTe 3.0 and similar RSTe drivers.

Completely Modular
Silent mode when no load
Virtual Multi-Rail via Software
Cables are ample
Ideal for Quad SLI

Extremely long
Software Issues


lol. how do you know its strong? have you performed any tests to verify it's quality? also any good UPS is going to have wattage monitoring software, so corsair's stuff is completely useless.
Maybe he used strong to describe the high wattage rating (1200W)?
srsparky, don't know many people that use a UPS for a desktop, but you are right when you say Corsair's monitoring software is useless. As for testing, I had upgraded from the HX850. The 1200 watt *strong* rating of this power supply give it enough juice to run my PC with no problems.
don't mind him. sparky's just kind of a jerk.
Cons about being long? If you are to have a such a beast of a psu, you're bound to have a massive case
Where in gods name can you find that PSU at that price?! ($269.00 :O)