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A Review On: CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W Power Supply

CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 CMPSU-430CX 430W Power Supply

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Totally Dubbed
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Pros: Sleeving, price, look

Cons: Not modular, a small noise can be heard whilst it is switched off

I bought this PSU as I was on a budget.
The PSU performs as expected, and is able to provide enough power for my rig - which includes a i3-3225, a Xonar D1 soundcard and a Gigabyte mATX motherboard.

My only complaint is relating tot he noise of the PSU when it is OFF.
It is extremely hard to hear, however if your ear is pressed upon the PSU, when it is off, from outside of the case, you can hear an electric type of noise (unlike some people who have previously reviewed this PSU on the internet, making wild claims about its noise, it isn't noticeable unless you're batman)

The other remark would be the fact that it isn't modular, meaning there are huge amounts of wires that won't ever be used, but yet are left floating about in the case. This isn't an issue as this is a budget PSU, but something that definitely should be taken into account when building a PC.


there's a modular version of this actually

as for the noise, not sure if it's coil whine... better go for RMA
Lucid - could well be - but a LOT of people have reported that on reviews. Seems like a generic thing - I'll ask where I bought it from for confirmation
Just asked OCUK - and they said that's normal and nothing to be worried about.
It is only when I put my ear up on it, when I can hear it.
okay, do update me after you confirmed it, might use this for some build from my friends