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Corsair Carbide Series 200R Computer Case

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Too much to list here.

Cons: No USB3.0 pass through cable included.

I used this case to harbor my components while I paint and modify my HAF 912, then I plan to use the 200R for a friend of mine whom is saving up to buy a new PC for me to build. I did some newegg.com browsing through cases to find one that was sub $100 and filled with features that much more expensive cases are equipped with; the 200R was a joy to build in. I will also list the components that went into the case after the review.
I bought it from my local computer store, Fry's Electronics, and it was snug inside the packaging, no dings or dents what-so-ever. I really liked that it came with black thumb screws for the side panels, as well as black thumb screws for the PCI covers, all of which are slotted to allow air to pass through. As I started to pull the case apart to begin assembly, I was very happy with the overall construction and quality that this case provides and also the fact that it is painted black inside makes this case look all the more sleek. The case comes apart easily, just six clips on the front fascia that take little force to pop it off (I found that starting from the bottom was easiest). The drive bay covors felt a little flimsy, but they just popped right out and nothing was broken. The only downside about the front is that it is all plastic, but it does not look bad at all. The case itself comes with long screws for the bottom front fan, screws and rubber grommets for extra fans, and MoBo screws that are painted black. The case itself has built in MoBo stand-offs which was a nice touch, except for the middle one on my ATX MoBo was just a stand-offs pin type thing that just lined it up with the other stand-offs. Not really a bad thing, just a bit odd I thought and I did not try and unscrew it so that a regular stand-off could be placed there.
The options for fan set ups on this case even out does my HAF 912, which I thought had a lot of options, but this case has it all. Two top fans - 120mm or 140mm, two front fans – 120mm, one bottom fan -120/140mm, Two 120mm side fans, and one 120mm rear fan. The case itself comes equipped with a 120mm fan up front and a 120mm fan in back, they move air and are not too loud from what I can tell, I did not run the PC with just those two fans installed, my system needs more than two fans. I was also really happy that the Cooler Master 212 EVO fits (with a little bit of room between the side panel) into this case and the cut out in the MoBo tray is a must have now-a-days. The only downside about the giant heat sink is that you cannot use the top fan spot on the side, unless you find a really, really, really thin fan, which I am sure does not exist; The bottom side slot is useable though. There is plenty of room for a long GPU and the HDD cage is fairly easy to remove, only six screws need to be undone and then it just slides out. I cannot express how much I love Corsair for providing small rubber grommets for the fans and good screws as well, none stripped and none of the fans make any rattle noise what-so-ever. After I got everything set up I ran Intel Burn test real quick to see what my temps looked like; CPU temp was 53C max it reached and it idles between 34-36C. Gaming it stayed under 49C. I feel that the temps could be lower, but my fan controller only has five channels so I had to run a few fans from the MoBo and the PSU.
The cable management in this case was nice and there was a good amount of room behind the MoBo tray for cables, but I still had to use both hands and sort of push the side panel down when I was putting it back on, but it does not bow and there are no gaps, so I consider it a success. The only downside about the cable management was the lack of tie offs for zip ties and the like on the rear of the MoBo tray. They are all around the edges, which, I thought was a little ridiculous since I needed at least two tie offs in the middle (I ended up using electricians tape to flatten the MoBo wire cluster a little bit) but other than that the cable management was a breeze. The cut outs for the cables are placed intelligently and the cut out up by the 8 pin CPU power connecter is wide and the lip from the case does not come down to far so that it was easy to slide the fan cables and 8 pin cable through it without it feeling too snug. The HDD cage itself has all built in rails for the HDD's and a spot on top for four SSD's. Also, the drive bays are all quick release as well.
The only downside that I found, which is not a really serious one, is that you need to have a MoBo with a USB3.0 header on it or you need to go out and buy your own pass through USB3.0 cable. Also make sure that the top fans are the last things to go into the case, as the 8-pin CPU cable and MoBo screws are impossible to reach, that being said, I was able to install everything without having to remove my heat sink, I thought that was pretty awesome. I would recommend this case to anyone whom is in the market for a top notch mid range case, I only paid $65 for it and I think that it was worth every penny. Cheers.
-Sapphire 7850
-CM 212 EVO push/pull
-Seasonic 650X Fully Modular
-2 HDD's
-5 120mm fans


Pros: Quality Construction, Great Price, Classy Looks, this is truly a paragon in its category.

Cons: I would say size but if your looking for a mid-tower its surprisingly roomy.

Many go on Corsairs quality and for good reason. Even their "Bargain" case sets the bar pretty high for the competition with this almost completely metal and sleek case. The exterior is minimalist and classic in its style while lending plenty of space for custom mods. The interior is intuitive and functional allowing every inch to serve a some purpose.

If there is one thing to be desired it would be rubber grommet for cable management like those on other Corsair cases. Also a dust cover for the top of the case. Aside from those small touch I am hard pressed to find any fault with this case.


Pros: looks and style. quiet, sturdy and roomy enough for ATX set-up. plenty of fans including 140mm up top.

Cons: clearance for 4/8-pin for CPU, needs work and should have been wider.. slightly more back panel gap for tucking away cables better.

upgrade from NZXT Beta Evo, like the 200R so much I just bought the 300R to upgrade my other case..
quietest case yet for me with right fans, by far the coolest and best looking.
do not worry about the 120mm single fan in-front, add a second 120mm to the bottom or very bottom and it compensates.
Corsair Carbide Series 200R Computer Case

Carbide Series 200R is compact, but it’s designed to let you build high-performance systems with massive storage, extra graphics performance, and superior cooling and ventilation. Less work. More play. Build with the Carbide Series 200R and the only time you’ll need to pick up a screwdriver is to install the motherboard. The mid-tower form factor combines room for expandability and out-of-the-way exterior dimensions.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureSeven PCIe slots with thumbscrews and room for GPUs 320mm long Install up to four 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch drives simultaneously ? tool free. Up to eight fan mounts for optimal cooling potential Dust filters for front and PSU intake. Cable routing and CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutouts Tool-free SSD, HDD, and ODD installation usb 3.0
TitleCorsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case CC-9011023-WW
WarrantyTwo years
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement50.059090909090905 CC-9011023-WW
Item Height10.62 inches
Item Length19.9 inches
Item Width22.04 inches
Package Height10.5 inches
Package Length21.1 inches
Package Weight16.25 pounds
Package Width19 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement843591033251
Item Weight15.8 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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