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Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case CC-9011030-WW - Black


Pros: Easy cable management, 2 hot swap bays, front USB 3.0, EATX compatible, tons of room for everything.

Cons: Flimsy 2.5 cage, only 2 3.5 slots, vertically imposed 5.25 slots, garbage fans, no bottom or top dust filter

I love the look of this case. Despite being a molded plastic, it does not feel weak or cheap in the least. The clear side panel is huge, and slightly fogged, making for a great display piece. There is enough room in the case for a 1x360, 1x240, and 1x 120 radiator OR 2x240 and 1x140, and you can sneak the pump and res on the backside...there is plenty of room over there. Tall air coolers wont have any issues either, this thing is roomy. You cant throw a graphics card at it that wont fit. There is plenty of room for SSDs in the 2.5 cage, the cage is flimsy, but it has tons of slots. Everything is tool-less, which is pretty handy if you like to swap parts, or just are clumsy with a screwdriver. Having a couple hot swap bays for your 3.5 drives is nifty, but the placement at the bottom of the hot side is questionable, I would have liked to had that space available for another 240 rad, or at least a couple intake fans and a filter, with more 3.5 options in the cold side. I also question the design of having the two 5.25 bays turned sideways, making it difficult to fill or monitor fluid levels in a bay res. Be prepared to get cable extensions for the USB 3.0 front panel, and possibly the pwr/reset/audio cables as well (mine made it, but had to be routed behind the motherboard at an angle). Two of the three fans that come with the case were unusable right out of the box, one was out of balance to the point that I could see it shaking the whole case, another sounded like the shaft was made of sandpaper and rocks, the third was smooth, albeit not the quietest on the market. To be honest, I bought this case with the intention to rip out a good chunk of the "fluff" that they sell with the shell, but I feel like it is only fair to take off a star for being made to believe I was receiving quality "fluff", but in reality, its just junk. Honestly I would have given this case three stars if it was not for how exceptionally awesome the concept and shell design were delivered. It is the coolest case I have owned, and l would suggest it to anybody that wants tons of options for building.


Pros: 280mm and 360mm rad suppurt, split design, not having to see the bunch of cables you would normally by having the PSU visible

Cons: Vertical 5.25 bays, only two 3.5 HDD cases, 2.5 HDD cages are directly behind the motherboard

Personally I love the case because I've never liked the idea of seeing the power-supply itself.
The ability to do a 240 or 280 mm rad at the top and 360 or 280 at the front of the case is great, but I feel they should have done something with the bottom of the case instead of placing the two 3.5 HDD bays there. I really dislike having the 3.5 HDD at the bottom of the case and I really feel as if Corsair could have spent a little more time a placed them at the rear of the case.
I wasn't worried about only having the front portion of the case filtered as that is typically the only place I do have intake fans.
This case is fairly easy to take apart and modify (or clean the dust off from when considering you can take off the grills that get dust on them at the top and front of the case).
I purchased this case after deciding that the Corsair 500r just wasn't right for me.
Unless I'm able to find the right m-atx and CPU combo I'll be sticking with the 540 for quite awhile.


Pros: Price and lots of room for cable management and tube routing.

Cons: Big gaps on the bottom of the case and no dust filter on the top.

Corsair had the awesome (but not new) idea of putting the PSU beghind the motherboard tray, obtaining lots of space for not to hot componentes such as SSDs and ODDs.
Such a big room makes even the worst cable management look awesome on the motherboard side.
There are only two 5 1/2" drive cages on this case, located in top of 4 big holes on the bottom of the case, I find this combined with the absence of a dust filter on the top the worst defects on this case.

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Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case CC-9011030-WW - Black

The unconventional design of Carbide Series Air 540 utilizes dual chambers to deliver cooler air to your CPU, graphics cards, motherboard, and memory without your drives or power supply getting in the way. The included custom Air Series AF140L intake and exhaust fans provide great airflow performance at lower noise levels than typical case fans. And, you can mount up to six 120mm or five 140mm fans, with 280mm top radiator support and room for a 360mm radiator on the front panel. Like all Corsair cases, Carbide Series Air 540 is designed for fast, neat, and satisfying builds. The tinted, oversized flush-mount side window lets you show off your work.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureDual-chamber Direct Airflow Path design for outstanding cooling potential Clever, space-saving design still offers lots of internal volume Includes three High Performance Air Series AF140L fans for better, quieter cooling Tons of expansion room for high performance air cooling and liquid cooling Full side panel window Black interior Cable routing cutouts with rubber grommets Front dust filter
TitleCorsair Carbide Series Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case CC-9011030-WW - Black
WarrantyTwo years
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementCC-9011030-WW
Item Height18.7 inches
Item Length20.19 inches
Item Width15.59 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight1 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement843591039765
Item Weight19.84 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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