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Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse, Backlit RGB LED, 12000 DPI, Optical (CH-9300011-NA)

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Pros: Build quality, sensor, polling rate, weight customization, software tuning, price, insanely high DPI

Cons: Shipped with bad firmware, stiff "sniper mode" button

First of all I'll say now this won't be the longest review. I'm going to stick with what stood out the most for me. I am by no means a "mouse connoisseur", ain't nobody got time for that. Or the money for that matter. I like to spend my free time playing the games.

So I guess that leads to my first point, the price. This is a very affordable gaming mouse for what you get. I could not find many other options that appealed to me at this price point and provided all of these features. I was looking for a wide (claw) grip mouse with weight customization, high DPI (to compliment my ultra-wide resolution) and high polling rate. It's always a bonus to have a mouse that looks good, and this one has a pretty cool design, kind of like a space ship escape pod or something. I should also add that this mouse uses a Pixart PMW336x Sensor, which is very similar to the popular PMW3366 found in other high end gaming mice.

When I first plugged the mouse in, I fired up Overwatch and played some quick play / arcade just to get a feel for it. The results were horrendous. I think the polling rate was glitching out and it was having a hard time moving in the correct direction, also a delay on actions / missed actions? Input delay was HUGE. Well, turns out some other people on the web had problems with it, and it required a... firmware update? On a mouse? Well this is definitely a first for me, needing to update firmware on a mouse. I found this a bit ridiculous. Despite being a gamer I am also a developer who dual-boots into Linux half of the time. If I was exclusively playing on Linux (which is possible as CS:GO works on Linux & other games) I would run into some trouble. They specifically say that you need to connect your mouse to a Windows computer in order to update firmware. So yeah, if you are a Mac or Linux user exclusively, you could have some problems. For most this is no issue, but this could probably irk some people.

So after I installed the Corsair Software Utility, I went through and updated the mouse's firmware. I also did the surface calibration & tweaked the sensitivity profiles. This is another thing, if you want to use the full 12,000 DPI you need to customize the sensitivity profiles, as I think the default cap is 9,000. This is not really a big deal and 9,000 DPI is already a bit crazy. I set the lighting to solid red. The RGB lighting features were not something I cared about, although I appreciate choice in solid colors. Most of the customization is only for rainbow color modes. I don't really care to have pulsating rainbow lights when I'm trying to play a game. There is a cool mode where the lights pulse for each action you make, but ultimately that would be a distraction to you or just be some lame way of showing off the coolness of your mouse at a LAN party.

So after I configured my mouse, I loaded up Overwatch again. This time things went incredibly smooth. No input delay was noticeable. I switched DPI modes based on character, and started trying out the Sniping button on the side. This button I am very iffy about. It is incredibly handy and helps you stabilize your cross hairs. After just a few minutes it started to click in my head and I was using it on demand to lock in on peoples faces. It will take some more practice but can be a handy feature. So the part I'm iffy about, is the button is quite stiff. It's clear that they did this to prevent mis-clicks while simply moving the mouse right. However when you're trying to stabilize your cross hairs, a stiff button that requires substantial force to activate can mess you up. I'm not sure if I'll fully adjust to this or not, but this is something I wanted to mention since it is a fairly exclusive feature for this mouse.

So what's the verdict? I give this mouse a 4.5/5. Great value, feature set & hardware, with mild discomfort & initial configuration headaches. There is always room for improvement, but generally Corsair delivered a great product at a very competitive price.
Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse, Backlit RGB LED, 12000 DPI, Optical (CH-9300011-NA)

The M65 PRO RGB is a competition-grade FPS gaming mouse with the technology you need to win, the flexibility to make it your own, and the build quality to last. The high-accuracy 12000 DPI sensor provides pixel-precise tracking and advanced surface calibration support, and the aircraft-grade aluminum frame gives it low weight and high durability. Use the advanced weight tuning system to set the center of gravity to match your play style, and harness the power of CUE for advanced button configuration, macro programming, and three-zone RGB backlighting customization.

BindingPersonal Computers
Feature12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking Aircraft-grade aluminum structure: light weight, durability, and optimal mass distribution Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style Surface calibration tuning utility: Optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface Optimized sniper button positioning: take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching to instantly match mouse speed to gameplay demands Harness the Power of CUE: don't just configure your mouse - program it with double macros, custom RGB lighting, and more Eight strategically placed buttons: gain an advantage by customizing your button configuration and play your way High-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks: ensure reliable performance that holds up through even the longest campaigns.
TitleCorsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB FPS Gaming Mouse, Backlit RGB LED, 12000 DPI, Optical (CH-9300011-NA)
Item Height1.5 inches
Item Length4.64 inches
Item Width2.8 inches
Package Height1 inches
Package Length1 inches
Package Weight1 pounds
Package Width1 inches
ProductGroupPersonal Computer
UPCList - UPCListElement843591074902
Item Weight0.37 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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