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A Review On: Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH100)

Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH100)

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Pros: Cheap (in general terms) water cooler, keeps cpu cool, easy to use.

Cons: Fans are dodgy.

I got this cooler when I upgraded to the AMD FX-8150. I knew for the overclocking I was planning, air cooling wouldn't cut it. So, I went (almost) all out, and got the H100 while I was in the store.

When I got it all out of the box, I had mixed feelings. It looked and felt like a well built cooler. However, the rad is quite thin, and looks like it wouldn't cool very much.

But looks can be deceiving. Very deceiving. I hooked it up, and was able to get 4ghz on the FX-8150. That's not a big deal... But it was maintaining 45c with my room being like 25c. Oh yeah... And the fans were in silent mode.That's not gonna happen on air.

Now comes the sadness. I woke up at roughly 5AM to what sounded like a jet wanting to land in my backyard. Nope... Just my computer going nuts. After doing a few fan tests, I was able to find out that one of the fans was bad, and was not only running at full speed, but likely also has a bearing problem. I replaced them with a set of Cooler Master fans for now, with a set of SP120's on their way.

The bottom line is: If you want to overclock further than you can on air, buy this. A custom loop is always best, but some might not wanna bother with that. If your stock fans come in good condition, then they're pretty quiet. However, you should be prepared to swap the fans for some better, quieter ones, just in case. However, considering how cheap this unit is over all, can you really expect the fans to be top notch?

Final answer: Buy it, and a spare set of fans.


good review, but really: the temp difference between H100 and something like the D14 is so small that "air cooling wouldn't cut it" just makes me giggle...
I disagree with that. My D14 runs under 70 degrees with my 3770k at 4.6ghz. You arent gunna get much difference with a H100, if any at all
one of these is ALLMOST as simple to install and will be ALOT better then the h100 its alot more but you get what you pay for
Okay, "MY air cooling wouldn't cut it". I already had a Hyper 212+, and wasn't gonna buy another air cooler... Plus. the Hyper 212+ would barely fit on my mobo. Anything bigger would not fit.

And, those are separate categories. The H100 comes ready to be popped in. That Swiftech loop has to be assembled, and filled and all that. Not really good for benching and such.
Thats rubbish jeremy. How can you say the top end AMD board cant fit any larger heatsink than a CM 212? The NH-D14 fits every single motherboard out there, as do all the other high end coolers, and do you know why? Because they actually put thought into RAM clearance and heatsink clearance to make sure the fans and towers are not obstructive. The only issue you would ever come across would be if you had massive heatsinks on RAM, which you dont even need anyway. Think before you talk.
The CM 212+ didn't even fit on my system with the stock fan configuration. My ram is quite tall, and it NEEDS the cooler fan on it.
LOL! RAM doesnt even get hot...

If you overclock the hell out of it and run memtests all day, it still doesnt get hot enough to require a fan! It doesnt even need the heatsinks most of them come with these days. They're only on to fool people like you into buying them...
obvious troll is obvious. please just stay out of my stuff. you are the same person who keeps going "ooh, amd is bad, intel rocks! you shoulda gotten intel!"
i have the h80 and found that the h100 was a good as my buddy has that one but as to temp differences i find that all the water cooling performs around the same the more rads the better but for over clocking i agree with you get some new fans for it i did the same with my h80 took the stock fan and swaped it out runs a degree cooler and is silent never hear mine running

good reveiw with some good advice man
I also have the H80, very happy with it. Lucky that the stock fans haven't had any probs. I do have a couple spares 'just in case'.
Good review, thanks!