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CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Water Cooler Reviews


Super Solid EASY solution to Watercooling


Pros: Keeps the CPU cool period

Cons: Corsair Link Hydro software can conflict with other fan software

OK I will start with this, I am new to overclocking! However, I have been in IT since 1974 so hang with me and I will try to give you the details on this what I think is an amazing water cooler! This is what I am running ASUS Sabertooth FX R 2.0 AMD FX-9370 Corsair DDR3-2400 This Corsair Hydro Series H100i is keeping my rig cool running core speed of 4966 Mhz and memory running at 2483 Mhz on the NB. I know I can clock it faster but I was not looking for a speed demon. I was looking for steady, reliable, rock solid, and this ASUS TUF matched with this Corsair water cooler was a match designed to be solid. I could write a bunch of words about my system but this cooler is what you want...
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Great Cooler


Pros: Link software, Solid tubing, Great fans

Cons: Pump has gotten a little loud at start up.

That is all... buy one!

Corsair Hydro Series H100i Closed Loop Watercooler 240mm Rad


Pros: Link software Monitoring,great tubing,low noice,Amazing Fans 2700RPM (wich are better than the ones you buy seperatly SP120 with colour ring)

Cons: All the cable connectors for the link and fans are Right in the middle of youre Case,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K--mGHgRogg&list=UUDRH2MBZ3nqgyoDbcyazu0Q You get this Unit for around a $100 on ebay,wich is realy not much, if you compare it to a very good aircooler(Noctua NH-D14 at a 70-100$) at almost at the same Pricing range. The Corsair H100i cools well, installs relatively easily, and inspires confidence in its longevity. What more can you ask for when it comes to cooling? This is a great step forward from there older version the H100 wich was noicy stiff tubing loud fans , I mean the fans in this unit have an RPM range of 2700 Rpm 74CFM wich are faster than the sp 120 that you buy seperatly. Wich are at an rpm rate of 2350 RPM and a 62.74 Cfm The H100i...
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High quality liquid cooler with no maintenance.


Pros: Fair price, pump nearly silent, cools very efficiently, handles heat spikes better than air, can change led color and fan speed

Cons: Unbearably loud OEM fans at 38db, block surface not lapped smooth.

For me, this cooler is perfect. It cools the hot FX-9370 extremely well, fits in my Fractal case perfectly, and has a bunch of extra features that the competition doesn't have. The unit has a cable to a motherboard USB header, and this allows it to provide a unique level of interaction through the Corsair Link software. You can adjust fan speeds individually, by selecting one of many profiles such as Quiet or Performance, or you can set your own fan speeds with a set % or RPM, and even make your own temp / fan speed profile. You can adjust the LED on the pump in many ways: it can stay one color, any color in the rainbow to match your build, it can pulsate off and on slowly, it can rotate...
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Easy way to get Good Results from water cooling


Pros: Easy install, Looks great, Works amazing

Cons: Havent found any yet ;)

Used this cooler for my first build, so easy to install. The mounts for the pump are great very secure. I like the idea of the pre-installed thermal paste to, made the install a breeze. Have been recommending it to all my mates. So much easier than trying to find all the components for a full setup, and its half the cost.

Great investment for those with room for a radiator but don't want to deal with a reservoir.


Pros: Easy to Install, Corsair Link Software, No maintanence

Cons: Fans Loud at Performance RPM

The Corsair H100I water cooler is a great way for people to get introduced to water cooling, without going into custom loops. I myself am not concerned about noise, but if you have the fans set on performance mode they can be very audible. Otherwise they are relatively quiet for the performance they provide. Installation is quite simple for the AMD platform, I have no prior experience with the Intel mounting hardware. With my AMD FX-8350 OC to 4.7Ghz I run at 48*C under full load. I upgraded from an Hyper EVO 212 and experienced a GREAT improvement in my temps. The Corsair Link software is very nice, you can customize the LED on the H100I to any color you like, and can also have it...
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Awesome CPU Cooler, 3570k 4.5 GHz temps 60's 100% load


Pros: Cools Great, Fits in most cases, Easy to Install, LED on waterblock

Cons: Fans and Pump can be loud, Corsair Link can play up

Very nice WC, I bought it to cool my i5 3570k, and it is running at 4.5 GHz with around 30 degrees C at idle, and mid 60's at 100% load. The only problems i've had are the fans and pump being loud, and an issue where I couldn't get Corsair Link to work properly, which fixed itself after a while.

Good to Go


Pros: -Great Quality -Quiet -Easy Install -Cool Temps

Cons: Some might replace stock SP120, they were decent but I replaced anyways

I have this installed in my NZXT Phantom 410 Mid-Tower, it was a tight fit but it works. The fans did make a high pitch noise when first installed then I upgraded the CorsairLink firmware for the software and it went away, quiet as can be. Helped out a lot. Stock Heat-Sink was average 33c, Corsair H100i average is 23c on a stock i5-3570k 3.4GHz, overclocked to 4.3GHz get average around 26c in quiet mode and 23c at 50% fan strength but I have all quiet edition fans so still can't hear much noise PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!

Nice Upgrade from H70


Pros: Tubes,LED on block

Cons: Fans are loud at high RPM

I love this cooler its easily 10c cooler than my H70, the tubes i find are better quality then that hard plastic, they have more flex to them an look better. The led on the block can turn to what ever color you want. It has a feature where the LED will monitor your temps, if its cool it will be blue, yellow for warm and then red for hot. The only thing that i found to be a con for this cooler are the fans they can be loud at high rpm, most people will only have the rpm high when running benchmarks so the fans can be quiet at half the speed. If your looking for a cooler then i recommend it ! EDITED
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