Small and compact - perfect for mid towers

A Review On: Corsair Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition Liquid CPU Cooler (CW-9060010-WW)

Corsair Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition Liquid CPU Cooler (CW-9060010-WW)

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Pros: Quiet pump, compact, looks

Cons: Installation bracket - No explanation?

I recently purchased the Corsair H55 and installed it into a mid tower rig running an i7 3770k.
The packaging is clean and robust - Corsair adds a large amount of accessories for every type of socket thumb.gif

What I love about the cooler is the compactness and styling, you can't go wrong with the looks and it fits perfectly into mid tower cases.
I love the addition of the evaporation resistant tubing that makes it easily flexible when positioning the pump on the CPU socket.

The installation was somewhat fiddly, especially for a pleb like me, however with a little trial and error I managed to put the retention bracket together. NOTE: Be careful when building the retention bracket, the components are made of plastic and if you bend, jam or force the parts they may break - then you're out of luck.

My only con with the product is that there are no instructions on how to use the installation bracket for the pump. You will notice that there is a single circular ring included in the package - it actually slots into the bottom of the pump/retention bracket to stop the pump from falling out or twisting around. This makes the installation allot easier. However without the aid of YouTube I probably would have missed this very helpful addition as it makes the whole process much easier.
(The middle component is the installation ring.)

...and it clips into the bottom of the retention bracket once the pump has been moved into place.

Image courtesy of Official Corsair. & Image courtesy of TweakTown.

Overall the product is made to a high quality, the radiator is perfect for mid towers and the pump is very quiet [Excluding the fan]


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