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Corsair Hydro Series H80 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH80)

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Water Cooling


Pros: Quiet, easy to install.

Cons: Speed control limited to unit.

After updating my 5 year old system, i thought it was time to "put my big boy pants on" and go for the water cooled option. My previous air cooler was HUGE, and LOUD. This Corsair H80 is really quiet and is super easy to install, especially for an AMD chip. This keeps my CPU nice and cool (running at about 38-39c), and will be tested when I overclock this CPU.

ASUS Sabertooth motherboard
16GB Corsair 1600 DDR3 RAM
Coarsair AX-850 Professional Series PSU
2 X 500 GB HDD's
2 X Nvidia GTS 450 GPU's
Corsair H-80 Water Cooler


Pros: Pretty quiet! Takes up less space than most air coolers! Pretty easy to install! FANTASTIC at keeping my CPU cold!

Cons: Can't directly control fan speeds unless they are plugged into a seperate fan controller.

This is an amazing cooler! This was one of my best purchases for my computer! I had a big air cooler before. It was big and heavy and it would scratch the crap out of my hand if i needed to reach anywhere near it. And it wouldnt cool my i7 860 to where i could run it past 3.63GHz properly. The H80 can get my CPU to run over 4.1GHz and stay under 77C while staying quiet and not getting in the way! Fantastic cooler! I recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to go up to the hassle of a water loop, but wants better than air cooling! thumb.gif


Pros: Cool temp, easy to install, saves on room and makes the case look neat on the inside

Cons: fans get loud under heavy load(but tolerable and welcome) and the push pull config takes up a lot of room

I bought this unit as it came highly recommended, I had no idea how much of a treat I was in for. For the most part the box was a tad bit confusing on how to open at first, but once I got it open, that fresh smell of electronics that we all love hit my senses and made me smile, its a little beefy but not overly heavy the smooth , but to my dismay there where a couple of bent fins in the rad, but I thought the fans are gonna cover the area so who gives a rats behind. I sat mulling over this unit for a couple of days scared to install it but at 3 am I decided to throw on my big girl pants and not be scared of installing it, cause the instructions in the manual are something left to be desired for AMD,it took a little longer than what most people would expect but it went on without a hitch. The pump hoses are flexible, more than so than you'd expect for the stiff feel of them, quite unexpected , only issue I had installing it is the screw to the mounts on the pump its self, under one of the hoses ,not easily accessible if you wanna change the brackets on the pump its self, stupid position if you ask me. The push button on the pump its self for fan control is a bit odd but really there's really no need have to constantly open your case and adjust the fan speed just set it for mid performance and your set .

Once it was on and tightened , I let it run normally for 24 hours .. seemed to be golden so what i did last night was shut it down for a few min , adjusted the screws and ran prime 95 for 45 min 100% load didn't exceed 36C, and sits about 24-26c idle, which makes me extremely happy indeed especially for the price of 97.87 Canadian

Rig Specs

Phenom II 955 @ 3.4 GHZ
Asus m5a07
1333 GHz Kingston low pro ram
Corsair H80 Liquid cooler
Coolermaster Extreme 700watt
XFX ATI 6870 Dual Fan
Gskill 120 gb SSD
Seagate Barracuda 250 gig
Seagate Barracuda 500 gig
Western Digital 1tb
Thermaltake Armor V8003b Case


Pros: ease of install vs custom water cooling, cooling efficiency

Cons: size, bundled fans efficiency. tubes flexibility, instructions graphics not reliable for AMD

I bought this thing when I started running my Phenom X6 at 3.5GHz on daily basis and started actually doing temperature monitoring.

The box is quite odd to open, and the CPU block is pre-assembled with Intel brackets. I personally would have packaged it not pre-assembled for the following reasons:

This is the first time I actually upgrade my cooling solution from stock, and I used 4 computers before. So this was the first time I had to figure out the mounting brackets affair and all the vendor and socket-specific jazz.
I don't consider myself as technology-challenged in much ways except networking and security, but I really poked the CPU block, instructions and my own motherboard before figuring it out; I even went as far as unscrewing the socket from my motherboard...

I had to read the instructions twice, and found out that it is meant to be mounted just like an ordinary fan (up and bottom locks) on the AMD socket (as opposed as the way Intel does things). So I had to remove the pre-installed (yuk...) brackets set and put the AMD one
The rest pretty much followed by itself until I see how rigid the tubes connecting the block to the radiator are. Seriously, they are very, very stiff. You can't bend them much without fearing to break them.

Since I have a mid case, I didn't have a lot of room to play with, and the AMD socket doesn't give me much orientation choices. I managed to find a solution: I had to remove my top and rear fans and mount the fan at the rear, then re-mount the top fan outside the case... Sacrifice.
Plus, the way my motherboard is made, I couldn't screw everything in place due to bending factors: the second fan of the radiator sits right beside the CPU block, so it's physically impossible to screw the two "back" screws for the second fan, but it's not really necessary for me since everything sits tight.

Mounting aside, the manual gave poor visual reference for non-essential parts (They are showing intel brackets on the CPU block for the AMD side of the instructions paper, about plugging wires).

However, the cooling is great for a "screw and go" cooling solution: I went from 40-ish °C idle to around 21°C to 28°C, depending on my overclock and other yet-to-be-determined factors.
I currently am running a prime95 stress-test as I am writing this review, and my temp is at 37-38°C full-load on 6 cores clocked @ 3.5 GHz, running for over 30 minutes.

However, the fans seems to give poor air flow at the lowest setting.

So in Resumé/Conclusion, it is a great product, will easily fit full-size cases and some mid-cases depending on what case and what motherboard you have, but it could have used a bit more love from Corsair, like more flexible tubes, better fans and lack of obvious Intel fanaticism (pre-installed vendor-specific things are a big turn-down for me).

While it may not beat custom Cooling solutions and may not look as epic as them, it definitely is the best sub 200$ cooling solution you can fit in a mid case (like I did, with some sacrifice depending on the case). Since the H100 will defenitely NOT fit a mid case without actually drilling and sawing holes.


Pros: great cooling, easy to install, great support

Cons: speed control, some models are noisy

I bought my first H80 last year. By my mistake I broke a screw during installation redface.gif Corsair send me a new full package of mountings. But it was for other model rolleyes.gif I asked again and they send me a new package of mountings.
I managed to mount it but the H80 was noisy. But after few months the pump, suddenly, stopped working mad.gif
RMA was super fast and the best of all, the new H80 is silent! thumb.gif
Now it works like a miracle. The only "problem" I find is that I have to open case anytime I want change the speed.


Pros: low heat levels,

Cons: noise

When I built my current rig I had my Zalman CNPS11x on top of my i5 3570k. However the thing was huge and was not cooling the 3570k as it cooled my previous 2500k so I decided to retire it and get a popular Corsair water cooling solution.


The H80 is extremely easy to mount. My Zalman CNPS11x required 2 people and lots of time to mount it on the CPU however the H80 was almost as easy as the stock Intel fans that comes with the CPUs. When I installed it, i immediately noticed 10-15 degrees of difference, even more at times compared to my Zalman CNPS11x, which is also a good air cooling unit. I am to this date extremely happy with the cooling of my CPU. I currently have my 3570k OCed at 4.2 and the highest I see is 70 degrees. When my Zalman CNPS11x was installed I could see as high as 90 degrees while gaming. The 70 degrees might sound high for many of you, but please keep in mind that my room is extremely hot and humid in the summer. When my ambient temperatures become normal, or close to normal, I am sure I will see lower temperature levels.


The only downside of the cooler are the fans. They are GREAT fans, thats a given but at medium or high speed they are extremely loud. Some people may get by the loud noise and dont mind it, but for me that was a huge problem. I replaced the stock fans with Noctua fans and even at high speed the Noctua fans are quieter than the H80 stock fans on low speed. The only downside was that my temperatures rised 4-5 degrees but that is ok. Perhaps there are fans out there that will cool the radiator as much as the stock H80 fans and sound as low as the Noctua Fans. If there are, do not hesitate and buy those fans and replace the stock H80 Fans.


The only reason I gave this cooler 4 stars is the noise. Other than that I can not find a single thing wrong with it. I just hope that it does not leak on me :)


Pros: Solid overclocking potential, multiple configurations, aftermarket fans improve value greatly

Cons: Stock fans are loud and have poor airflow

I bought my Corsair H80 back in April and have been quite happy with this product overall. The biggest drawback is that the stock fans from Corsair are something left to be desired, and if Corsair were to release a new design of the H80, it needs to have better fans, just like their cases need better fans. Corsair's fans are insanely loud and have poor airflow, however a couple of Scythe Slipstream 120mm fans and this thing is ready for some overclocking action. I wouldn't advise buying one unless it's on sale, that way you can get a pair of better fans right off the bat. I have pushed my i7 2600k to 4.6Ghz with the H80 before stress test, it will stay stable at 4.5Ghz under Prime95 no problem with the right fans. I like that you can choose to push pull your fans either direction, like most water cooling blocks. The biggest hindrances though have to be the thickness of the radiator and the flexibility of the hoses, if you have a smaller case you can't really place it anywhere other then at the rear exhaust port and the hoses don't bend nor are they long enough to mount it in another place in most cases.


Pros: Small, compact, works well, nice for beginners

I bought this cooler a while back when I bought by 2500K. It's a great cooler, I never used the default fans on it. I immediately switched to some GTs and it has been working great, It is nice and quiet and keeps my CPU cool. Easy to setup, took maybe 10-20 mins tops. thumb.gif
Corsair Hydro Series H80 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH80)

Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers provide a compact, easy-to-install, and maintenance free alternative to bulky, noisy air coolers, efficiently cooling and protecting your high-performance Intel or AMD CPU. The H80 features a double-thick radiator to maximize the surface area available for heat dissipation and dual, performance matched fans. It also includes push-button control so you can select the fan speed and cooling performance setup that best suits your needs. Performance at your fingertips The low-profile integrated pump and cold plate includes push-button control so you can select the fan speed and cooling performance setup that best suits your needs. The cool white LED display lets you know at a glance which profile is being used. Double-up for excellent cooling Featuring a double-thick radiator to maximize the surface area available for heat dissipation, and dual, performance matched fans, the H80 delivers cooling performance that lets your CPU keep its cool, even when pushed to the limit. And with all this cooling performance, the compact design still fits virtually any case with a 120mm fan mount.

BindingPersonal Computers
FeatureTwo all-new 120mm fans optimize static pressure and airflow for amazing performance
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Height5 inches
Length5 inches
Weight1.5 pounds
Width10 inches
List Price$109.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPC Accessory
Product Type NameCE_ACCESSORY
TitleCorsair Hydro Series H80 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH80)
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